Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beloved Books
The prompt this week at Inspiration Avenue was "Books".
I found a book in my bookcase that I had forgotten I had
and decided to use it as my inspiration.
It's the first time I've done this much painting, pasting, and wetting of a journal page, and it gave me a difficult time with curling and buckling. But I got it to stay relatively flat to get a photo. My friend Luthien, of Pimp and Paint, gave me the idea of painting the back of the pages, causing them to flatten out. How did I get to be this old and not think of that?? Brilliant!! I haven't tried it yet since I needed to get a photo  fast, but I definitely will and I'm sure it will work! I guess they will curl in the opposite direction and *walla*! Flat!

Anyway, "Elizabeth and Her German Garden" is one of my favorites, and if you like gardens you will enjoy it. Written in 1898 by a rather aristocratic lady who adores her garden and likes nothing better than to spend almost all of her time outdoors. Many of her habits and philosophies are opposed to the views of the times and she has a witty sense of humor. She wrote quite a few other books and became quite well known, but this is her first and best known book.

This piece has turned out a little messier than I would like it to be, but for better or worse, it is what it is! That will teach me to start earlier! Visit Inspiration Avenue on Sunday to see all of the book entries. There are sure to be some wonderful entries because the buzz around the Avenue was that everyone loved this theme!


  1. This is so very pretty...I saw the words:
    "How the snow purrs"
    Isn't that a wonderful line?
    Super Artwork, Maggie :)

  2. oh wow!! that turned out just beautiful!! it looks like something out of a fairytale ... i could just jump into it and spend a day there :)

    LOL!! i hope the idea works and doesn't ruin this piece of beautiful artwork!!

  3. Gorgeous Maggie! So much detail and lovely things to look at!

  4. What a gorgeous creation and fortunate find! Luthien's a genius when it comes to projects and tips, isn't she?! Really love what you did with this ~ lovely!

  5. Lovely page! It turned out beautiful. I love turning old books into altered journals.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day my friend.


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