Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lots of Catching Up to do . . .
I have been so busy with plans for my son's transfer to a new school, that I have missed cruising around the blogosphere for over a week. I wish now I had gone through this when he was a freshman, and stayed with the same school for four years. Who knew there was so much involved in going "away" to school? But never mind, I'm going to forget about the whole thing for the weekend and concentrate on
and maybe even some reading!  
 Ahhh, my idea of paradise!

Just happens that the challenge at Inspiration Avenue
this week is "Books",  so it all ties in nicely.
And I WILL get something completed this week.
 I've already started my entry. I know, I know, most of you
are finished, but starting on Friday is early for me!
What to do next . . . wish I had some large stamps . . .
maybe I could learn how to make some.
Those of you who work in a moleskine journal:
how do you keep the pages from curling?
Once I add paint, the edges curl up something awful.

The other day I looked over my bookcase
hoping to get some inspiration  and came across a book
that I love, but had forgotten about.
"Elizabeth and Her German Garden" was written in
1898 by Elizabeth von Arnim.  I found my copy at  Alibris,
a great source for books new and used ~
if you love gardens and witty women,
you may like this book!

So, I've barely been able to get out in
my own garden in the last few weeks,
but a few things are doing nicely anyway.
Got an umbrella for a little shade,
 and if the humidity goes below
100% sometime, maybe I will sit outside!
This morning you could actually "see" the air,
it was that humid.

Can it be this late in the summer already??
I know when the black eyed susans are blooming , that means most everything else in my garden have already seen their best days. Except for the mums. Still waiting on those. Got to get some fall-blooming things. What are those, I wonder? Asters? Hmmm.
The birds luuurvvve this fountain. Sometimes I feel like a slave to the birds, making sure their water isn't too yucky and the pump isn't clogged. Watching them splash happily makes it all worth it though. No birds in this picture . . .

At least the annuals in pots are still cheerful.
I've got tons of pots, just haven't had a
chance to snap some pics.

Well, off to get something done on my challenge entry...

Have a happy weekend!


  1. hey maggie :)
    what lovely relaxing photographs of your garden :) i am looking forward to see those pages complete ... so far it looks good already! and i dun think there's a way to stop painted pages from curling, but if you paint the other side too once this side is dry, my guess is it'll straighten out again :)

  2. Ooooh, your garden looks lovely - love the umbrellas too! The only fall flowers I have, besides the black eyed susans, are Autumn Splendor so I need some others too. It's so crazy this weather, isn't it?? I do hope we get some sort of a normal summer before it's over.

    I can totally understand your plight with college, hang in there, he'll soon be off and you'll have loads of free time. ;D

  3. Love the birds but hate to to spray the poop off the sidewalks. Mine sure are messy! Do you have dove in your yard? I think it's them that make all the mess. Your yard looks lovely and yes I cant' believe it's mid July already.

  4. I loved my garden tour and I have that bunny ....he makes me smile!
    your garden photos are lovely and your book is going to be special!
    Lots going on here!!!


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