Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Want to Make 
Your Own Blog Background?
A New Submission in the Supplies for Tutorials Exchange!

C'mon ~ You girls (and guys) are all creative people!  Admit that you've had some fantastic ideas for your own blog background, but don't have the technical know-how to pull it off. And admittedly, there are so many awesome backgrounds out there to use for free, that you've just put it to the back of your mind. I know I have.  

But, as fab as that freebie background is,
it's not your own unique creation, and
(horrors!) you may see it on someone else's blog!

Well, Sharon at Plumrose Lane (even though she is one of those who creates absolutely divine backgrounds that she offers for free) has put together a tutorial for the Supplies for Tutorials Exchange showing you exactly how to make your own. 

All you really need is, of course, a blog, and a graphics program like PhotoShop or Gimp, and most of you have one of those.
No knowledge of html required! 

Here is a background she created using two of my collage sheets
and lots of her own creativity:
 Divine, right?

To recap what the Supplies for Tutorials Exchange is all about:
An Etsy supplies seller agrees to offer free supplies (in this case collage sheets) to an artist who will post a tutorial showing how to make the piece that she/he created. In addition to posting on both blogs, it is also posted on the Totally Tutorials blog.
It's fun and a win/win situation for both parties!

HERE is the tutorial on Plumrose Lane
for how to make a blog background.
While you are there, be sure to check out
all of Sharon's extensive stash of goodies!
She also has an  Etsy shop where she offers custom blog accessories.

See you there! 


  1. I saw Sharon's post. As always, I was overwhelmed by her generousity with her time and her patience.
    You fit this discription too, Maggie! It makes me happy seeing friends colaborate.
    (It sure is hot, isn't it? I feel like a glazed donut)

  2. How wonderful, I have no idea about photoshop or anything like this at all, will go check out Sharon's post ~ doubt if I will get it really!!! Thanks Maggie! ♥

  3. Lisa, hahaha, a glazed donut! What a perfect description! I know the feeling! I think it's even hotter where you are than it is here.

    Elaine, you'd be surprised at how clear and easy to follow Sharon's instructions are!

  4. Oh, you're such a sweetheart and it was totally my pleasure!! Thanks so much for offering this cool tutorial gig Maggie!
    Oh, and yeah(!!)... I'm right there with the glazing, yuck! Will it ever cool down?

  5. What a great thing! Thanks for sharing, Magpie! I will attempt this, when time allows. Happy creating!

  6. How lovely of you to spread the word Maggie - you and Sharon are both sweethearts :)


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