Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Challenge at Inspiration Avenue
Every week I get so excited about trying something different for the challenge ~ I have been doing digital collages since I began submitting an entry. I have all of my art supplies handy and an idea in the back of my head, and a plan to do a painting or something I've never tried before. And before I know it, it's Saturday and the time to be adventurous is past! So here you have it: another digital collage!

I do love the word "frosty"; it makes me shiver! The background photo of the trees was taken by my son last year with his camera phone on his way to school . We had just had one of those icy storms overnight. I've always liked this photo. The other photos are vintage ones, even the summery one; it is from an old postcard.



  1. pretty and ethereal. Love it!

  2. OMG!!! this is incredible!! what a beautiful and ethereal digital collage!! the frosted forest is divine!! this is soooo soooo beautiful maggie!! i wish i could dive into your collage!!

  3. Beautiful! I don't like being cold, but this would be the perfect view; while tucked inside by the fire with a good book (or maybe spring flower catalogs), and a gorgeous wintry view daydreaming of warmer days to come, butterflies, dandelions.....

  4. I adore this Maggie! The photo you have used as your starting point is amazing - your son obviously has a great eye. And the elements you have added, even though they are quite "summery", really work with it and compliment it!

  5. There's nothing wrong with a digital collage - and this one is lovely - makes you want to touch all that crispy frosty feathering!

  6. i love this magpie...such a dreamy quality to it! i checked out some of your other collages as well...captivating!

  7. I love what you created for this week's challenge Maggie, it's just fabulous!!♥


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