Monday, November 23, 2009

The Angel Kitties

In keeping with my post the other day about taking a break from Santa, I am following through with my campaign to put off all the Christmas hulabaloo as long as I can. I've always adored this header by Itkupilli of Raphael's angels with kitty faces, so it is the perfect time to use it ~ it's not quite Thanksgiving, and certainly not Christmas yet!  I think the reason I have found it necessary to do this is that I have naturally been making Christmas collage sheets since July, so enough already!

I have 2 other angel kitties that I love. I won't even go into how they remind me of the sweet kitties I have known who are now "angels", it will bring a tear to my eye!  So I will post the pictures, but no comment!

By Thanksgiving weekend, I'll probably be ready for a Christmas blog and will go all red and green and sparkly, and who knows what. Can't think about that now! I'm enjoying the darling kitties from Itkupilli!  She has to-die-for blog headers and backgrounds that she offers for free on her blog. You may already know about her, but if not, visit her  here.

Hope your week is shaping up well, and those of you who celebrate the upcoming holiday have a wonderful one!


  1. the kitties are so cute! esp the one in the bottom picture ... such an attitude!!

  2. These are SO sweet! You're sure to sell a ton!

  3. Those angels are lovely! I'm with you on the putting off the inevitable Christmas mayhem for as long as possible too!

  4. Oh I adore your blog banner and background they're darling! Her work is amazing, I found myself perusing her blog backgrounds just the other day.

    I can understand why you'd prefer to put off all the hoopla just a bit longer and I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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