Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I adore setting up photo shoots. So my latest acquisition gave me the perfect excuse to play around with "stuff" and make a pretty picture. The item front and well, not quite center is "Quintessa", a  gorgeous dress form creation by LuLu of Coastal Sisters.  I love the warm coppery color and the sparkly accessories she is wearing!  I think she looks great with some of my other "stuff"!

Speaking of coppery, here is an item I have had for must be 20 years and frankly, hardly even notice it hanging on my wall anymore. It was a thrift store find and I was amazed to pick it up for less than 10 bucks. But today as I was admiring the coppery hue of Quintessa, I took another look at my copper bull.  I don't know who the artist is; it was hammered out of a big sheet of copper, and I love it partly because Taurus is my zodiac sign!


  1. Miss Quintessa looks right at home! Maggie, she was just made to go in that little vignette. I actually love the copper bull....copper is one of my favorite things.

    Thank you so much for giving her a good home!


  2. Miss Quintessa sits nicely among your pretty vintage items. It is fun seeing pretty vignettes in blog land.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  3. miss quintessa looks like she's found a lovely place to rest her tired feet (no pun intended ;p)and sip a cup of tea amongst all things beautiful!!

  4. Beautiful finds, both of them!! Perfect deep tones for this time of year too!♥

  5. Such a beautiful composition Maggie!
    Thanks so much for adding my blog button to your blog !!:)

    You're on my blogroll Maggie and your collage sheets are fantastic!


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