Sunday, November 15, 2009

Odd Weather
We cooked chicken on the grill tonight, and tried to imagine that it is not 10 days before Thanksgiving. We have had the most spectacular run of warm weather ~ it's going to be a huge shock when the weather starts acting like it should and we get blasted with our first real taste of winter. The temperature has been in the mid-sixties all day and it is still relatively balmy at night. So we had grilled chicken, potato salad, sliced tomatoes . . . you could almost imagine it was two months earlier.

I don't know what you call this weather. It's not Indian Summer; "Autumn" doesn't seem right ~ the leaves are all off the trees already; it's just Odd.

We are somewhere between this:

and this:
Probably a whole lot closer to this. Ugh.


  1. hehehe :)) it's not that bad is it?? everyone seems to be talking about the weather ... is it really strange this year? your garden looks so magical in the snow :)) how's your mom?

  2. Luthien ~ the weather's a little strange but nothing we haven't seen before. I'm sure it will get cold just like it is supposed to very soon! Unless my geography is worse than I imagine, I don't think you have to deal with that? Lucky you!

    Thank you so much for asking about my mom! She is doing okay. Here is what happened: She had a procedure (an angiogram) before surgery was to happen, and after that, the surgeon did not think the outcome of the surgery would have been good (her heart not up to the stress of surgery), so he declined to do it. She has since had another doctor say he disagrees, so all is up in the air right now! She gets tired easily from the heart valve not working properly, but otherwise is doing pretty well. Thanks so much for being concerned, you are such a sweetheart!! I would have sent you an email with this loooong response, but some others have asked also, so thought I would post it here.

    **hugs** Maggie


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