Sunday, November 22, 2009

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

This vintage photo of the boy and girl just looked so romantic to me, I knew I had to use it for the weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue. They appear to be dreaming about their future together, and who knows if they will end up together or if cruel circumstances will force them apart? They could be like Romeo and Juliet, or maybe they grew old together and had many children and grandchildren! The story could go in so many directions!  The swan seems romantic to me, maybe because his neck is half a heart.

If it is too small to read, the heart says . . ..

Your voice is sweetest music
I never can forget,
Someday I hope to hear it
Say something sweeter yet

. . . and came from an old valentine.

Visit Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon to see all of the romantic entries  for this week. If you are feeling creative, join in next week (theme to be announced on Monday) with an entry of your own. The medium is up to you ~ there is photography, jewelry, paintings, and more. If you work in another medium, we'd be excited to add something new to the mix!


  1. They look a bit like Heidi and her goatherd Peter to me - so lots of lovely children and grandchildren! I must say all this romance is making me feel a bit soppy! Perhaps I'll watch a good old romance tonight on TV - maybe You've got mail...

  2. that's such a sweet piece maggie :) and yes ... very very romantic! how come vintage couples or vintage people in general look so much more romantic than today's couples?? what a lovely entry ... makes me all warm and fuzzy :)

  3. Lisa, I like the idea of Heidi and Peter. Yes, that's who they are!

    Luthien, you're right, the people in vintage photos do look more romantic. And I don't know why...

  4. I love swans! And that moody blue sky is perfect.

  5. Oh this was beautiful Maggie, and just perfect! I love the valentine saying and swans are always so regal and embody the essence of love through their grace and beauty! Beautiful submission!!♥

  6. I love this piece! Each element by istelf has such a romantic feel, but putting them all together in just way you did is lovely!

  7. this illustrates the whole soft, gentle, dreamy visions of days gone by! i agree about the swans...grace & beauty....& i think that's what it is about the vintage look of love!

  8. Oh I love this! It has such a wonderful dreamy feel to it. Perfect entry for this weeks challenge.


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