Monday, September 17, 2012

The Fairies’ Tea Party is this Sunday, September 23!

The Fairy Queen is hoping you'll attend!
to see this and other enchanting handmade dolls.

 Another faery from Monines Faeries

Most fairies have no patience, wanting everything right away,
and some have become very anxious for the date of the party to arrive!
They are fairly wringing their hands with anticipation
and hoping for this week to pass quickly. 

But party day will come soon enough, little fae folk.

Let's take another look at the lovely presents 

 you will be giving away come Sunday:

Everyone loves a giveaway!

What about SEVEN giveaways?

Join The Fairies’ Tea 
for a chance to win one of these 7 prizes.
Information on how to win is at 
Inspiration Avenue right now. . .

Click HERE to go to Inspiration Avenue and
the Fairies’ Tea party page.

While you are on the Giveaways Page,
pick up some free party favors
posted right before the giveaways!

guidelines for party participation are HERE.

We hope you will join the fun!



  1. I absolutely adore these fairy dolls. So whimsical and wonderfully done. It must be the pink hair!! LOVE THEM! Great Post!!

  2. Maggie, this is a lovely post about the Fairies' Tea. I love all of the little fairies you found! I can hardly wait.

  3. Maggie, your page is filled with awesomeness! Thank you for sharing!


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