Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Save the date! The Fairies’ Tea is September 23!

Teatime is fast approaching and the fairies are
checking their tea services and putting together
prizes, frippery, and finery that will delight and astonish you! 

The tiniest fairies have been sent out to play among the lilypads
so as not to be underfoot whilst the preparations are underway.

Don't worry ~ 
there will be 
plenty of seating
and room 
for everyone!

You won't believe how
comfy a toadstool is!

Visit Inspiration Avenue for all of the info on the tea party and blog hop,
and to register to win one of seven wonderful prizes!
Or click the badge in the upper right sidebar.

The party will take place rain or shine.
But we have it on good authority that the fairies have been in touch with 
the Fairy Queen and Mother Nature (who both owe them favors)
and have been promised an exquisite day!

More info here this week on the lovely prizes up for grabs.
Stop back soon!


  1. Great pictures! The fairies look they are anticipating quite a party!

  2. Atlanta's merchandise mart asked me to speak about Fairy Gardens during their huge show in January 2013........

    How could I say 'no' to talking about my friends?

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. The beautiful picture is really fairytale-like.


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