Saturday, September 8, 2012

Running Away to Join the Circus
I've done a bit more on Esme's picture.
(The earlier version is in the post below)

The circus midway at night!
Sensory overload!
Esme has run away from home and is thinking 
the circus might not be the place for her.
Now she is going to have to keep running.
Maybe right back to her home.
But first, she will slip into the booth to have her fortune told.
And if the freaky clown would stop staring at her, 
perhaps a small cotton candy before she leaves . . .

Inspiration Avenue is the place for Wheels and Circles this week.
(I know you have to look twice to notice there is a wheel
. . . a ferris wheel . . . in the background :) 
But I was stumped by my own challenge again, what can I say?



  1. I always used to stump myself with challenges too...but always ended up amazing myself with my creativity :D
    I love this picture and I always love the stories you write to make the picture really come alive!

  2. Wow - there is SO much fun stuff to look at in this painting... Fantastic! (And, I love the ferris wheel in the background!)


  3. Esme reminds me of Romi, a name I came up with for an upcoming carnival-themed blogging event. Don't you just love the endless possibilities of our imagination? :) This is beautiful, Maggie.

    Much love,

  4. Maggie your challenge was such a challenging one this week, but I absolutely love your painting. There is so much to detail. x

  5. This is awesome. dreamlike.
    Little girl lost.
    protecting her beloved little cat.


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