Tuesday, September 18, 2012

29 Faces in September

Face 3
I'm woefully behind on posting 29 faces in September.
How did it get to be September 18 so soon?
But I am going to keep going and even will attempt to catch up.
Of course that will mean taking 2 whole days to do
nothing but paint faces. Alright. . . realistically,
more than that, considering how long it takes me to complete a face.

This is a journal page...more on that in a different post :)


Don't forget The Fairies Tea is this weekend!
Read about the 7 giveaways in the post below this one :)
 Or, if you are here from 29 Faces, the post below will be another face, duh!
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  1. Aaaah Maggie she is so sweet and fresh looking deep in thought. Wish I had known about 29 faces in Sept love these kind of challenges. you are awesome and inspiring!!

  2. She is beautiful- I love how you combined so many different elements and blended them together so gorgeously! Stunning!

  3. Love this beautiful lady and her quote! See you for tea on Sunday!

  4. She is a beautiful Renaissance girl! Love your palette! And your cat on the left corner!

  5. She is so serene and perfect in autumnal colours. I wouldn't worry about the challenge when you have a Fairies Tea Party to organise. Sounds fun :)

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  7. Oooooo - could this be in my journal??? I hope so, I love it to bits!! She's so pretty and serene, and the colours and textures are beautiful. And is that a little doilie flower in her hair - what a clever idea! Love this :) xx

  8. She is beautiful! So peaceful with a vintage flair. Love this!


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