Friday, September 7, 2012

29 Faces in September

Face #2
I'm posting a second 29 faces today since I am behind and want to catch up.
This is really a WIP...I've got a bit more to do but I'm going to have to think
on it a bit because I have no idea where to go next!
It needs to be unified somehow, and the girl (Esme) needs to stand out a bit more.

Esme has run away to join the circus, but now is having second thoughts about it.
She didn't realize the circus would be so . . . well. Scary. And brightly manic.
Her little cat is a bit frightened.

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I'll be finishing this tomorrow since it's my entry in the IA Wheels challenge.
I'm taking a bit of a liberty, since the only wheel is the Ferris Wheel in the background.


  1. I love Esme and I can't wait to see what this looks like completed, very cool details in the background too.

  2. This is an amazing piece, Magpie. You really captured the sensory overload that a circus can be in contrast to the frightened little runaway girl. Blessings!

  3. I love the world you've created for Esme- fabulous take on the circus, and beautiful painting too!

  4. This is a lovely piece, It looks like you have put alot of work into it. I love all the layers :)


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