Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Round Robin!
Tammy's Journal

I know Tammy lives close to the ocean, and enjoys being near the sea.
(Yes, I AM envious :)
So when her journal came to me, I decided to include 
some vintage bathing beauties frolicking on the beach.
I always call these vintage beauties "Yankee Girls" since the figures
have a summery, patriotic look about them. 
I love their "bathing costumes"!

(Yankee Girls)
Not part of Tammy's journal, but one of the
first art journal pages I ever did. 
I used one of the vintage beach beauty 
pictures and painted over it.
Many times these lovely ladies are holding an American flag.
But wait. Three of our Round Robin members are not
Yankee Girls but British Lasses. I had to include a Union Jack.
Easily done, as there are many copies of the flag 
of the United Kingdom to be seen on Google.
As I always, have to have something to worry about ~
I hope it's the right one.

Wish I could trade places with these beauties and be relaxing with the seven other
Round Robin sisters on a sandy beach. Either side of the Atlantic, doesn't matter.
As long as the water is salty!

I'm very late getting this in the mail to's just a coincidence 
that I'm posting it on the Fourth or July, but since I am. . .  
Happy Independence Day!
to all Americans out there. Have a safe and happy Fourth.



  1. beautiful summerscene at the beach!!!

  2. Oh I love, love, LOVE this- the lacy blue background, the salty quote and the eight bathing beauties- what an amazing page for Tammy! I only regret that I won't get to see it in real life! (did I mention that I LOVE this?)
    Hope you had a nice 4th!

  3. Oh Maggie i love this! everything about it is wonderful & l love how you included their Union Jack! perfect in every detail! :D

  4. Oh Maggie! I LOVE these beautiful pages! You know I love the sea. How fun to show both flags and 8 bathing beauties. I love the clouds and the great salty quote. Thank you for making such gorgeous artwork for me. I cannot wait to see it in person.


  5. Wonderful - choosing to live in Cornwall of course I'm a sea lover too & thank you for thinking of us British girls & giving us a nod with a Union Jack :-) These pages are full of fun & joy, making me smile to look at them. I love the blue sea effects you've created they are really cool. And the words just pop off that left page. Fab pages that Tammy will definitely treasure. I'm excited to imagine what you may put in my journal :-))

    Oh and having recently received Stephanie's journal friends of mine where oooing ahhing & loving your mermaid spread. I was quick to point out my angel picture (from the charity auction)was also your beautiful work. You're art is becoming appreciated across the waters :-)

    Kat Xx


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