Friday, July 27, 2012

IA Weekly Challenge and Paint Party Friday

Lost in a Book

The theme at Inspiration Avenue this week is

I had the idea for this painting for a round robin journal entry
(not saying whose hehe :) but the addition of swirls are
strictly for the IA challenge. So...journal entry to come later
minus the swirls. (not much later though,
as I am running out of time for July).

I had a rather good time with the paisley swirly shapes,
and to me they convey how one is transported into a
different world when absorbed in a good book.
But is our girl just oblivious to everything happening around her,
or are the swirling shapes part of the story she is reading?
Hmmm...I don't know. Do you?

I'm also linking up with Paint Party Friday, since
it's been ages since I went to the party and it IS Friday.
So. Putting on my little black dress, and heading over to PPF...

Pop in there and at Inspiration Avenue to
have a peek at some very kewl art :)


  1. I love the magic feeling it has with the swirls and soft dreamy colors. She is delightful!

  2. She's lost in her book and your wonderful whirls and swirls are where she is. I love this. Nice work!

  3. Wow, I haven't been here in eons (I know I've totally dropped the ball) everything looks wonderful and I hope you're doing great!

  4. I'll be doing my round robin this weekend... I have your beautiful journal Maggie. You will burst with excitement when you see it!!

    This is a gorgeously dreamy piece. She really is lost in that book :)

  5. I love all the swirls. This would make a fabulous poster for a child's room, library or classroom. Blessings!

  6. I feel like that's me when I was little and used to get so absorbed in a book! Really nice!

  7. ooh! i like this! a lot! that could totally be me buried in that book there :)

  8. Love your style ~ she is sooooo magical ~ well done ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Love the colors! And paisley is always a hit for me!

  10. Yes, delicious paint, I like the shapes and colors.

  11. great page and always pleased to see books in any form on anything... just one of my favourite things...xx

  12. Love how absorbed she is in her reading...just as I am when I paint! :)
    Great swirls!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  13. The is fabulous! The swirls bring so much movement to it with her continuing to read- great contrast!

  14. Hi Maggie~

    I love your swirly girl. Whomever gets her will be thrilled. Whatever book she is reading has to be good from the looks of her. I have Priti Lisa's journal to finish up this weekend. I cannot wait to see your finished pages.


  15. What an impressive piece!! Just love the vibrant colors, and swirls. Love how pensive she is in her book!! Well done!!

    Hugs Giggles

  16. Gorgeous wonderful piece - I love it! The colours and patterns are rich and imaginative reflecting the worlds we enter when engrossed in a book. And reading is my favourite pastime. Whichever of us is getting this in our journal is very lucky (I'm hoping its me Lol:-)but I'll love whatever you create in my journal for sure!

    Despite the school holiday chaos I've actually managed an entry into this week's swirl challenge, hurrah! Not as stunning as this but I was glad to join in. Hopefully the mister linky worked for me this week :-)

    Kat Xx

  17. I so love what you have done! Such a perfect colorful image of one's mind swirling about being absorbed in another dimension of a great read. Really beautiful. Once lucky person will be absolutely thrilled to see this in their journal. I am never surprised at what you do, it is always spectacular!


  18. Gorgeous paisley swirls and I love the inspiration behind this piece! I've kind of lost track of where each journal is on it's journey, but I do know that whoever is the lucky recipient of your art will be so thrilled! x

  19. Very magical swirls! Someone is going to be really happy receiving their journal back!

  20. what a wonderful painting!! this is indeed whta reading is like - lost in swirls of thought

  21. This is a beautiful painting. The paisley swirls surrounding the reader and the lovely colors made me think of fairies and fairy tales.

  22. I definitely feel like the theme of the book is swirling around her. I really like this piece.

  23. I like swirls. They're awfully fun. Lovely work :)

    Caitlyn (ladyphlogiston)

  24. love the piece. . .and good question - can't decide!
    cheers, dana

  25. Did someone model for this drawing? Or did you do it from your memory? Curious.
    Nicely done and the swirls are so psychodelic! Must be a book out of the 1970's.

  26. Wow! I love the feeling of her getting swept up into magical worlds. Love the swirls.

  27. thanks for participating in my first challenge.....every girl needs a little PINK dress!!! :0)


  28. oh my goodness, I love the swirls and paisley doodles sooooo very much!!!


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