Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anyone for Tea?
Inspiration Avenue's challenge topic this week is 
Shelly, our host, brings us this soothing theme!
This is a postcard I made during our postcard swap,
but it turned out to be an extra.

I don't think I've posted it before, and I thought it would be the 
perfect time to do so, with a teapot hanging over our girl’s head like that.

But what a crazy girl anyway, you could say she likes to live on the edge.
However, she does know when it's time to relax with a calming cup of tea!


 Washi Tape
Oh my gosh . . . I am obsessed with making washi tape!
If you haven't seen washi tape, HERE is a link.

Washi tape can be purchased, 
but  it's so much fun (and easy + cheap) to make your own!

 Just a few I made today. I haven't used them for anything yet, 
because I can't stop making them. lol.

It's just masking tape decorated in any way you wish.**

Here is where I wish I could make a tutorial, because the above sentence
is not very informative. I will have to work on that. But on the bright side,
there are loads of tutorials already on YouTube showing great ideas for
creating washi tapes.

I have in mind to do some more postcards, and I might use a bit
(okay. More than a bit. More like a load. lol)
of washi tape in the creation of such. Just kidding.
I will restrain myself.

Stop by Inspiration Avenue on Sunday to see the Teapot collection!

**I have been using masking tape, which is not acid-free or archival
or anything like that. What would be better is some sort of tape,
(artist's tape or drafting tape) which is labeled acid-free or pH neutral.
That way, you can protect your project from deterioration :)
So it does go from being practically free to costing a bit more,
but worth it in the long run!

I had the brainstorm this morning to add a 
sheet of digital washi tape to my Etsy shop. 
Print until your printer cries "Uncle" and your heart is content!
Of course you will have to purchase the un-watermarked file, 
but 4 bucks, not so bad ~ you can print hundreds of times if you like :)

My digital shop has been neglected for so long.
If people like these tapes, I have ideas for lots more :)
To view the listing, go HERE.



  1. Why on Earth would you want to restrain yourself??? Use it to your heart's content! Lovely post card!

  2. great fun! it's an excellent collage and perfect for the IA challenge.....and those washi tapes are just fabulous....I've tried to make my own a couple times and haven't been totally successful so I broke down and actually bought a little of the real deal. There's definitely a place for each and your designs are so finished and professional looking - what a great idea to share them!

  3. Great teapot themed entry, love the colours & the lady sitting on the edge of the teapot - cute & fun. I have to admit I'm stuck with the theme & have had a friend stopping so don't think I'll get chance to enter this week even though tea is an essential part of my day!

    Washi tape is great & I love your designs.

    I'm still smiling over your journal pages in the last post (I left comment) - keep thinking of us girls meeting up and spending time on the beach like that. That would be sooooo fab :-)

    Kat Xx

  4. I like the whimsy in this postcard. It definitely speaks to me. Your humor really showed through in this challenge, while the message was down to earth.

  5. I forgot to mention, I would LOVE to know how you made your washi tape using masking tape. It sounds like something I could get into, especially since I have so much masking tape.

  6. Great postcard! Peppermint tea is the perfect drink for a hot summer's day.

  7. hey Maggie! Your entry is so much fun!! I love how she lives on the edge like that!! :D and i never knew you could make your own washi tape! cool!! great idea and post!!
    Hugs! :D

  8. If you are going to live on the edge, what better place than a good cup of tea!
    I just love your entire collage of the theme, and of course it's pink!


  9. Hi Maggie...I had such a good time catching up on your blog this morning.
    You gave me a few laughs :D Your personal art journal is just so intriguing...
    I always am amazed by your always looks so professional, but now I see how wonderful your lettering is too...You are soo gooood!


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