Sunday, July 15, 2012

Desert Trip
This was the first time I didn't see even a glimpse of the ocean while visiting California.
Considering we flew into San Diego and left from Orange County, it's amazing but true.

The desert scenery was a complete change from western Pennsylvania.
Both have breathtaking views, but are so different.
So it was a nice change, and seeing family was the main reason for the trip.

Palm Springs, California
The aerial tramway in Palm Springs takes you from the desert floor up to 8,500+ feet.
It was near 100° in Palm Springs and 65° at the top of the mountain. Refreshing!

Since I am afraid of heights (and I had already been on the tram years ago when I was
NOT afraid of heights, don't ask), my mom and I went for an ice cream sundae
(also refreshing) while hubby and son ascended to the mountain top.

The tram car rotates during the trip. Yikes.
It is the largest of only three rotating tram cars in the world.
The other two are in Cape Town, South Africa and Titlis, Switzerland.
Hope that cable holds up!
This is the sheerest mountain face in North America
and it passes through five life zones, starting in
the lower Sonoran desert and arriving at an alpine forest.

At the top.
(Tram photos taken by Jesse)

This  extra-grande  statue of Marilyn Monroe has moved
from Chicago to Palm Springs.

Just to give you an idea how big Marilyn is:
Steve and me.
Feeling rather insignificant . . .

Jesse and me. We are both wearing our crappy shoes.
Marilyn's shoes are much nicer.

Guess what? 
I got to meet Lou Anne, one of my Inspiration Avenue sisters,
since she lives nearby between Palm Springs and my mom's house in Hemet.
We chatted during (and after) a yummy lunch,
the treat of Lou Anne and her husband.
Aren't we colorful?
We must have both had flowers in mind that morning lol.
Of course great minds think alike!
(Lou Anne, I will send you this photo...
I'm just now getting to look at the pictures on my camera.)

When we left Palm Springs, rather than go around the mountain, we decided
to go over the mountain. (Not the same 8,500-foot mountain of the tramway.)
This route took us to Idlewild, CA (elevation around 5,300 feet)
and was worth the extra few minutes it took. Hair raising twists and turns
with sheer drop offs, but the views were beautiful.

The scenery changes so much as you go up the mountain.

Back down the mountain to my mom's house.
My mom's dog, Gretel, looking a bit protective of her "baby".
This is the only toy she doesn't chew to pieces.

Well, that's all I got for now!
Hope you are not yawning (and that you made it to the end)!

Come back soon!



  1. It is really pretty out there! Looks like you're having a great time!

  2. WOW! that was fun traveling with you and then on top of that i got to see real photos of you & Lou Anne!! loved the post!! :D

  3. Looks like a fun trip! I love the West. So many different terrains. I used to not be afraid of heights and now am too.

    It's great that you got to see your family and your IA sister. What a treat!

    Hugs to you,


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