Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

The Happy Court Jester
Harlequin ~ one of my favorite patterns ~ is the theme this week
at Inspiration Avenue, chosen by Stephanie of Dragonfly Design Studios.
A fun theme, and open to many interpretations!
Check out the gallery of entries later on Sunday at Inspiration Avenue.

This carefree kitten is cavorting happily throughout the court.
I hope he is not tried for treason for having King Edward's head on a stick. 

Beware, Kitty!

Pray his antics will be so pleasing that the King will 
overlook the infraction. Better dance and sing for your life, Kitty!


Can you tell I've been reading historical novels again?
I just finished reading about King Philippe IV of France.
Now there was a king who believed in getting what he wanted.
And had the henchmen to carry out his wishes.

The book is The Crown and the Kingdom by Jeannette Angell.
I enjoyed it very much. If you like historical novels, this is a good one!


  1. This little guy is adorable and has Bleubeard's approval, too. We both hope the kitty is spared his 9 lives. I really, really LOVE this piece. You did an excellent job.

  2. How is it that you ALWAYS make me happy, Maggie???
    That kitty is a nix-nutz.
    I DO love historical fiction, so thanks for the tip.
    I am praying for the kitty, lol.

  3. This is a harlequin I like... and love the head on a stick thing... made me laugh out loud... love this one xx

  4. Love this Maggie - full of colour and movement and interesting textures. I can see it in a fairy tale book!

  5. I laughed out loud when I saw this earlier- his expression is GREAT! I love this!

  6. This is such a fun picture, just love the little bumble bee hiding down the bottom.

  7. A very clever collage - love the use of harlequin in such a lighthearted way.

  8. Never heard of this author--thanks for the heads up!


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