Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Holidays!

A Coupon Sale
Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday...

Take 15% off anything in my Etsy shop.

Note: this sale has expired, but may be back
before Christmas! Thank you for looking!
If I may make a suggestion, here are a few ideas...

and a few more...

As you can see, my inventory is taking over the house,
and I need to make room for more!
I know. I sound like a commercial for a car dealership.
(Apologies to anyone who is actually a car dealer :)

Sale will go thru Cyber Monday and then I will rethink everything.
I feel so powerful saying that lol


Happy Thanksgiving 
to all who are celebrating it on Thursday.

And since I am so thankful for all of my blogging friends,
Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE 
no matter where you are :)

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