Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art Nouveau Challenge ~ IA

Klimt? Or Mucha? Maybe neither one . . .
Once again, I stumped myself with my own challenge.
I think I just pick a subject that sounds wonderful
without pausing to think if it will be near impossible to draw or paint.
And worry about it later.

I'm not sure if this emulates the art nouveau style.
Maybe with a bit of my own style thrown in for good measure.
The patterns are a bit Klimt, the flowing hair and outlining are a bit Mucha.
But of course nothing like their masterful works.
It's based on Klimt's "Mother and Child" painting,
with the "child" being a little ginger cat :)

While looking at Klimt's paintings, I was enthralled with
 the patterns he used in the backgrounds and in the women's clothing.
Come to find out, his lifelong friend, Emilie Floge,
was a Viennese fashion designer and Klimt himself was very
interested in women's fashion. Together, they designed
loose-fitting dresses called “reformkleid” which freed women—
and men like Klimt, who wore them—from the constricting clothes of the day.
Now why can't the shops be filled with Klimt's clothing?
I would love to wear his dresses :)

Portrait of Emilie Floge by Klimt (1902)

Klimt in "reformkleid" dress

“I have never painted a self-portrait. I am less interested in myself 
as a subject for a painting than I am in other people, 
above all women...There is nothing special about me. 
I am a painter who paints day after day from morning to night...
Who ever wants to know something about me... 
ought to look carefully at my pictures.”
                                                                  — Gustav Klimt 

Stop by Inspiration Avenue on Sunday afternoon 
to gaze upon all the pretty Art Nouveau! 

Oh, on a different note ~
I have proclaimed my WIP "finished" ~
before I work it to fussiness.
It's a bit different than Friday's post, but I hope not overworked. 


  1. I am in love with your entry and maybe you took a while to get going, but the results are amazing... I love Klimt... as does Tracey Potter... and your work is just perfect... I loved this topic and it has been great watching how everyone has interpreted it xx

  2. This looks wonderful! And thanks for the info. I enjoyed reading it. :)

  3. It is absolutely beautiful and I can see Klimt in her!!

  4. I wear things like this all the time. I had no idea I could attribute this to Klimt. I just look for something loose fitting because I can't stand anything touching my skin.

    As for your piece, I think it is gorgeous. I see you paid homage to nature in your painting, as well as the Art Nouveau concept. This is perfect for your entry and I was SO glad you chose this theme.

  5. I LOVE your "mother and child" such a fabulous idea! I love everything about it, but my favorite part is the hands- to me they just convey such a sense of love- beautiful work!

    And your painting from Friday looks great too!

  6. this is a fantastic interpretation, so unique!
    I love it!
    As for your dear girl, she is a delight!!

  7. I can definitely see the Klimt influence here but this is still very much your style Maggie! Love the vibrant colours and patterns and the flowing, slightly abstract feel.

    Your WIP is really lovely too - very fresh and full of light and life.

    And yes they should make Klimt dresses, such feminine designs!

  8. Your entry is a wonderful mix between klimt, Mucha and your own style, it's a very beautiful piece.

    I love klimt, and it's wonderful to see his influence in this painting.

    What a great choice in topic, It's been fun and inspiring to see all the different interpretations.


  9. It's YOUR style and it's lovely. Something about this painting (or maybe everything)makes me happy. Beautiful interpretation of the theme!

  10. Beautiful post..gorgeous work..i am always enchanted by what you share! i also love the last one your wip..she is full of harmony..radiant..andgorgeous!

  11. Love the Klimpt inspired piece! Beautiful colors!


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