Saturday, July 16, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

It's nice to be able to enter the IA challenge again.

I'm just about settled back in my art space.
All my supplies are creating a cozy little nest
around me *big sigh of relief* like a security blanket :)

*Someone* plopped a filing cabinet right in
the only empty spot where my chair
will be going, but we'll see how quickly that
finds a new home when (if?) the time comes.

So the theme at Inspiration Avenue is Picasso.
This is my attempt at cubism, and I can see
that I will have to do a lot more practicing and studying 
if I ever want to master the technique.

I'm calling her Eve.
She looks a bit like she is coveting something
on that branch, and is thinking about
plucking it off. Naughty Eve.

Thanks to Tammy of Art and Inspirations for the challenge!
It's fun to do something a little bit different.


  1. I absolutely LOVE it! In fact this whole challenge has been fun.
    The artwork is really good. Yours is especially awesome.

  2. Maggie, this is fantastic. I was so disappointed with the challenge this week, but once I started seeing all the entries, it became one of my favorite challenges ever. I'm so very impressed by your art. It is gorgeous and very Cubist. Really great example.

  3. I love your piece. So creative and beautiful. The elements are fabulous and give the piece a very Picasso inspired feel. And thank you so much for your kind comments on my piece. Take care.

  4. Wow, all of nature watches. So deep and very beautiful!
    :) Huge smile!

  5. This was a really cool challenge wasn't it! Love what you did Maggie. So different from your usual style!!

  6. I LOVE this Maggie, especially the eye you added to the branch! I also really liked the way you incorporated the various nods to cubism with the shapes at the bottom- great tribute to the MAN!

  7. Great job Maggie! I love it! The colors are wonderful!

  8. Love Eve... I think you've done well at Cubism...

  9. fabulous shapes making up a stunning piece

  10. It was a hard challenge, wasn't it? But what a great one! I know you wouldn't have created this piece without the push...and I think it is beyond cool...sell-able cool.
    I know this isn't the place, BUT! We are traveling down to Pittsburgh to pick up Mia on the 29+30 of July. I think you are close...I'll bring the chair. Send your son or husband to pick it up...I am serious...I just had it dry cleaned and a new cushion made and I really want you to have it. As a gift. Imagine. Matching Thrones, you and I, lol.

  11. Oh Maggie, I love how well this turned out. It is great! I love all of the elements you chose to make one piece of art. Very nicely done.

  12. Eve is fabulous - really clever & imaginative. Love it!!

    Glad you've got your creative space back. Definitely get the filing cabinet relocated. LOL.

    Kat Xx

  13. I simply love everything about this piece - awesome!!!

  14. I adore this piece, so refreshing and unique. New to this challenge and so nice to meet you.

  15. Love, love, love your submission!!


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