Friday, July 22, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Sometimes when you feel like giving up. . .
a little encouragement is all you need.
Who knows what could happen?

Inspiration Avenue's theme this week is “Wings”,
a welcome and fun-filled topic from Kat of Wright Story.

This is a tiny mixed media piece, done on a 4" x 4" x 1"
block of wood. Everyone should have a little bluebird 
to tell them to keep going sometimes.

Just, hopefully it's a wise little bluebird who
will also point out if you're wasting your time :)

It's a fine line. . . 

See all of the Wings submissions at
Inspiration Avenue posted on Sunday afternoon.


  1. Oh Yes! I know what you mean. I have been practicing flight for some time now...and rarely get off the ground!

  2. Lol I think we all need a bluebird like that! I love this Maggie it's full of fun, colour and charm :)

  3. I seem to get in a flap a lot lately!

    What a cute little picture Maggie. Adorable :)

  4. Maggie, such a sweet little picture. I love the little bluebird's encouragement.

  5. Really enjoyed this piece and all the inspirational praise behind it. Gotta love it when someone tells you to keep going, even when you are down and out.

  6. I love this gorgeous piece of art with its adorable characters and wonderful sentiment. Love it - Fab!!


  7. I love your painting for this week's challenge at IA. You are right about support, we all need it one time or another. When we challenge ourselves; it can be scary so having a little birdie giving us support is a good thing!

  8. What an amazing painting, I love the little bluebird and the little shy girl. It's so typical,we all need a little bluebird some times, you got to the heart of it.Very talented.
    Hugs Anja

  9. Maggie, this post is my favorite! It is a fine line indeed...I burst out laughing (bol?) 'My wings don't work'
    LOVE it!!!

  10. This is so sweet and love the colors. The interplay between the birdie and the girl is charming. Love it!

  11. Hooray, another one of your fun and fabulous illustrations! I LOVE the art AND the message behind it- I agree, everyone can use a reminder like this from time to time!

  12. Hi there I found you via... mmm let me see I've been wandering but it started at Inspiration Avenue LOL... I love this artwork, it is adorable!!! I'm a bit afraid of heights so maybe just as well I can't fly, although I could skim low maybe like dragonflies do ;)


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