Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Irish Mermaid

It's a Happy St. Patrick's Day 
green theme this week!
This is a Irish mermaid-like sea nymph. 
Merrows have been around for millenia ~ 
they are quite beautiful with lovely long hair, 
white webs between their fingers,
and the lower body of a fish. They have a 
gentle disposition, and are known to lure young men
beneath the waves, where they live 
in an enchanted state.

A merrow wears a red cap which allows her to swim beneath
the waves. If she loses her cap, she cannot return to the water.
Merrows have been known to inter-marry with handsome
Irish fisherman...since male merrows are said to be
extremely ugly, who can blame them?
If their husbands hide their red caps,
they will live happily with their human family.
But if a merrow should recover her cap, she will
be compelled to return to the sea, leaving
husband and children behind, and never be seen again.

I've been wanting to paint a mermaid, 
since I never completed one while I was 
taking Suzi Blu's Mermaids class.
I was hoping to have it completed by
St. Paddy's Day, but 'twas not to be.

The Irish theme this week was brought to us by Pat
Check out her awesome photography!

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  1. Lovely painting. I'd never heard of merrows, so thanks for the explanation.

  2. I LOVE this- her expression and EYES are wonderful- and that splash of water is incredible! I also love the story behind Merrows which I'd never heard of before either!

  3. Oooo I do love this! The deep ocean-y colours, her haunting, watery eyes, the texture of the spray - all wonderful!!

  4. Once I read a novel about this. A family lived at the edge of the sea in Ireland. The mother disappeared. She went back into the sea. Her husband was accused of murder.It was a good book.
    Very nice drawing.

  5. I learned something new again! Merrows...hmmm...
    Your artwork is amazing! Ilove how the water is reflective and transparent...that's hard to achieve...and the sky! I LOVE it :) Of course the merrow...she is beautiful!

  6. I've never heard of that legend--love to read new things like this.

  7. I love this painting and story of the Merrows. You're a very talented painter. I like the colours, sea spray effect and the proud Merrow's expression. I've not heard this legend but in Cornwall we have mermaid legends that are fun. Have you ever read "The Mermaid's Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd? Good fictional novel that uses a mermaid legend as inspiration. Just thought I'd mention it cause I seem to remember reading you're a book lover.

    Kat X

  8. Thanks, everyone, for the wonderful comments! I love to read them!

    Gemma, that novel sounds so you remember the name of it?

    Kat, yes, I did read The Mermaid's Chair. It was so good...I enjoyed it very much!

  9. Miss Magpie, That mermaid is so sweet! Love it!
    Hope your having a good week! Sorry I missed getting here sooner! Theresa


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