Sunday, March 13, 2011

Journal pages...Parasol

I always think of pink as a girly girl's favorite color
so what came to mind for this challenge was exactly that!
I was never a girly girl...
Okay maybe for 5 minutes when I was three...

But this is a serious girly girl, the serious part I can relate to.
The (very cool) elephant came from a 
Martha Stewart magazine article. Wish I could remember what
the article was doubt something amazing that
no one could afford to own except Martha.
The girly girl drawing is mine, and the butterflies are from
a collage sheet in my shop (hint hint).

Black White and Pink was a fun challenge, 
thanks to Shelly of Pics by Shel.

I hope I am in time to post it, gotta run.

Check out the entries at Inspiration Avenue
on Sunday afternoon!


  1. This is sooo cooool Maggie! I see it is in an art journal...that's cool too!
    I really like the whimsical quote...and the word parasol :)

  2. OOoohhhhh gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! I love everything about it. Pure genius lady!

  3. Oooh - such fun! What an adorable girl and I love the elephant :)


    p.s. I was never a girly girl either... but I'm starting to really like pink

  4. Love it love it, so pretty and your elephants not bad looking either. Marie

  5. I'm not usually a "pink" girl either, Maggie, but this is gorgeous. The pink with the greys is really pretty. I love her little stripy parasol and the elephant! It makes me think she's running away to join the circus :)

  6. This is gorgeous - I love the way you've combined these images to create a beautiful piece. And I'm a big fan of pink & elephants :-)

    Kat X

  7. I'm lovin' the whimsy and I like grey and pink together.. It's OK...I was never a girly girl either and I


  8. I love this and I love it when pink gets to be serious and cool at the same time! Fun layers!


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