Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Finders Keepers
I am just under the wire this time!

My found objects are sand dollars. 
And a Russell Stover heart-shaped chocolate 
box from last Valentine's Day.
Okay, that's not strictly "found", but I rescued it 
off the  "Things to Use Someday" pile. 
Most things on that pile never get used. 

Here is the inside of the box.
I used some vintage images, tissue paper, doilies,
ribbon, and 2 black-eyed susan seed pods,
plus the sand dollars.

I found the sand dollars in Mexico about
five years ago, and they've been sitting around
ever since. Other than displaying them in a jar,
I couldn't think of anything else to do with them.

Enter Angie, of Artangel,
with her Finders Keepers challenge!
So here they are on a heart box,
plus tons more in the photo! 

And tons more in the bag.
There were literally hundreds on the beach ~
I'd never even found a sand dollar at all
until that day. I don't know what event
sparked all those creatures to beach themselves.
But they have finally come in handy on

There is some lovely folklore about
sand dollars which I can't remember now,
but I will look it up.

Head over to Inspiration Avenue
to see all of the Finders Keepers
entries! They will be displayed a
little later today, Sunday.

Happy Labor Day to all who are
celebrating it!


  1. Hello I am visiting from Dianne's Pieces of D

    Love your sand dollar heart, it's a really lovely creation ... I've just been playing with shells too

    best wishes from another Magpie in Virginia ;)

  2. This is just charming AND useful!!!
    Great idea!

  3. Maggie this is beautiful, so pretty both inside and out! I'm so happy my challenge theme inspired you to make this :)

  4. maggie ... that's a beautiful piece of work!! so romantic and total sweetness! but ...what's a sand dollar?

  5. Wonderful. I like the fact that you also created a beautiful inside too...double the fun.

    Have a good one my friend,


  6. Wow, sand dollars, hearts and vintage post cards- three of my favorite things and so PRETTY together! I love the colors you used in this; more of my favorite. What a beautiful treasure boox you've created!

  7. You were lucky to find all of those sand dollars. Very pretty keepsake box.

  8. Fabulous..and beautiful..what a wonderful creative post and beautiful art!

  9. I never knew that they were called sand dollars! Great little treasure box you've made there for putting other found objects in I think!!

  10. Love the sand dollars and the heart with the postcards. Very beautiful piece.

  11. WoW-za!!!
    I can't believe all of those sand dollars!
    You have made a real treasue is beautiful and useful.

  12. I ADORE sand dollars-I alway want to do something WONDERFUL with them like embellish them somehow...

  13. I've never actually seen a real sand dollar, except ones in souvenir shops along various coasts. This box and surrounding sand dollars make a gorgeous vignette. The colors are perfect for the beach effect and your box will be the perfect storage for some treasure.

  14. What a beautiful treasure box, I would have had no idea what a sand dollar was let alone seen one!

  15. Thank you all for visiting my blog! I've been away from my blog and just read all of your comments.

    Luthien and Elaine ~ sand dollars are a kind of sea urchin, and I gather are called different names in different places around the globe.

    Until the day I found these, I had never seen any except in souvenir shops either! Pretty crazy to find all those at once!

  16. Oh so beautiful! I love looking for sand dollars. I guess they are common on our beaches in Texas. I have a nice collection...they are so delicate and easily broken. It's not hard to find broken ones, so when you get a whole one it's a real treasure. Did not realize they were called by any other name.
    Still debating on doing mermaids....I'd like to do the other two videos before I start another class. Wonder when she will open up the other courses.


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