Thursday, September 9, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

I was visiting blogs and, in the back of my mind,
pondering what to do for the weekly challenge at
Inspiration Avenue.
Simplicity sometimes is not so simple!

Got an idea while looking at the
photos posted by Lisa at The Wright Stuff.
She has given some newer photos
the look of vintage postcards.
Very cool and full of atmosphere!

I have had this polaroid picture sitting on
my dressing table for years
because I have always wanted to
do a painting just like it.
It's my grandparents, taken in the 60s.
Well, to be accurate, it's my grandmother
and Dave her second husband, whom
we always called Grandad, as we never
knew our real grandfather.

Dave was a gem ~ he collected canes
(one of them in the picture) and
whiskey bottles in fantastical shapes.
If you could think of something
whimsical or just plain crazy,
Dave had a whiskey bottle in that shape.
Hundreds of them, all unopened.
We kids used to marvel at them,
always something new to look at!
I had never seen any bottles like that before.
Or since, for that matter.

Back to the picture.
I've always liked the simplicity of the image.
The light is flat, like it sometimes is
at the beach. And of course, the photo
is faded. There are only a few colors
in it, which is probably characteristic
of old polaroids.

I added a dry brush filter
and then adjusted the contrast a little,
but didn't really do much else to it.

Visit Inspiration Avenue to see all
of the entries in this weeks challenge.
If you have time, submit an entry by
noon on Sunday September 12.
You will be eligible to be in the drawing for
a set of 5 tulip notecards from 
the above-mentioned Lisa!
Funny ~
I just looked at the calendar 
to check Sunday's date,
and I see that it's Grandparents Day
in the U.S. How appropriate! 


  1. Maggie, since I am utterly sentimental, and since this picture and your memories are so beautiful, I am bowled over. How perfect!

    Simplicity isn't very are right.
    Smashing job!

  2. What a lovely image and yes, so simple. I love what you added and the fact that you kept it true to the original. Very sweet. I also enjoyed the tidbit about your grandad and his collection of bottles. Very cool.

  3. I love the memories you've added to this great but simple image. I have seen some of the bottles you speak of and think I may have one of an indian that was my grandma's.

  4. thank you for the challenge. your photo is lovely!

  5. I love the simplicity of the colors in this and SO perfect for the challenge! I bet it felt really good to work with an image that has so much personal value for you- I really enjoyed that story about the canes and whiskey bottles.

  6. Oh ... what a great photo ... and what perfect timing. I love the "old timey" feel to the picture. Just perfect!

  7. It's always fun to read about back stories while looking at photos. I had a much harder time coming up with something for this challenge, so I should have gone searching for inspiration. This piece might look deceptively simple, but it is filled with magical color only an old photo (and Photoshop) gives off.

  8. After you left your comment on my post saying I had given you an idea, I couldn't wait to see what it was! This is just perfect and the words bring the colour!! There is definitely something about these old photos that makes me feel all nostalgic too.

  9. This is beautiful, perfect for the theme, and I loved reading about your Grandad's collection :)

  10. oh my gosh the STORY behind the picture made me fall in love with it even more... I do not have pics like these that hold memories of my grandparentsg. Each year, I feel more sad about that fact...

  11. aww... that is so very sweet and it made my heart melt when i read about grandad Dave. i would have loved to have known this man ... the photograph is beautiful, the color is just what it should be. i love vintage stuff ... they make me swoon and phase into a different state of mind and world. yours did just that...

  12. Love the patina and sentiment in your vintage photo. Lovely.

  13. Oh I love old photo's! How special this one is of your grandparents! Perfect for the challenge. Keep it simple.


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