Thursday, September 16, 2010

IA Weekly Challenge

I've had mermaids on my mind lately.

So when I saw that the challenge at Inspiration Avenue
this week was "Metamorphosis", I thought maybe
a merbaby would fit. I don't know whether
humans turned into mer-people or
mer-people morphed into human form,
but there's some kind of metamorphosis going on!
It's all very mysterious.

I'm taking Suzi Blu's Mermaids class, so I've 
been keeping busy drawing  and painting mermaids 
and haven't had time to research the story. 
But I will, I promise.

Visit Inspiration Avenue by Sunday, September 19
to enter or to view all  of the "Metamorphosis"
entries. You will be enchanted by the creativity!
Some extra incentive to enter:
Each entry makes you eligible
to win the September Giveaway prize!


  1. Love the merbaby, she is so cute.. I think that we all have some mermaid in us; whenever we look for fun and adventure our "mer" comes out. Perfect piece for the theme this week. Love the swirls and light, like the movement in the ocean.. Your design is so fun!! Great work!

  2. I love your merbaby, Maggie- her crown is perfect and the background you created for her is lovely! Great entry for the challenge!

  3. What a cute take on the metamorphosis challenge. Like you, I also learned how to spell the word when I took the challenge. She is certainly morphing into something fun and magical.

  4. Wow...super beautiful!! Love your mermaid theme!! gorgeous work and super creative as always!

  5. Oh how I love this. Beautiful, beautiful.

  6. Regardless, we believe, don't we? Just like in fairies in my garden.

  7. Love mermaids.I am landlocked. So I especially enjoy your sweet Merbaby.

  8. a mermaid class! But of course! What a very whimsical idea. And both of your mermaids are sweet and sassy, respectively.

  9. What a cute merbaby! Wish I were a mermaid so I couls cuddle it.

  10. Oh this is so cute. Love it. I just can't get into mermaids just yet. Maybe sometime before the class is over. Have a good week.

  11. You have created a real magical effect here, your 'merbaby' really does appear to be floating, beautiful piece!

  12. This has to be one of the cutest mermaids EVER!!! What a talent you are!!!!


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