Monday, January 11, 2010

Supplies for Tutorials Exchange

Would you like to get creative with collage sheets?

Do you like it when you get something for free?

Do you love telling other people what to do?

If your answers are yes, yes, and yes then the Supplies for Tutorials Exchange is for you!

Choose up to FOUR collage sheets from my Etsy shop absolutely FREE; make a creation of your choice; and then teach others how to do it! The only requirements are: you must use my collage sheets (choose from 140 sheets, free from me!) and you must make a tutorial showing the technique to others. You post your tutorial on your blog. It will also be posted on Totally Tutorials and here on The Magpie's Nest. Link your post to your Etsy shop or website and just think of all the exposure you will get! Totally Tutorials is a great site that gets 400-600 page views a day. Check out more info about the tutorials at Totally Tutorials.

You can create absolutely anything you like using my collage sheets. Use whatever other materials you wish along with them. Your creation can be jewelry, collage, mixed media pieces, altered books, journals, just to name a few.  It can be simple or more involved. Remember, you may think something is easy to make but there are others who have never done it and would love to learn how! That's where the tutorial comes in.   Never made a tutorial? Check out these easy instructions on How to Make a Tutorial!

How to enter:
  1. Post a comment here on my blog or send me a convo to magpiemine on Etsy.
  2. Tell me a little about the item or items you want to create.  (No need to decide exactly which sheets you would like to use at this time).
  3. Include the link where you will be posting your tutorial.
    That's pretty much it until you get selected! Please respond by Friday, January 22, 2010. I will select from 3 to 5 artists to receive the freebie collage sheets. I'll be looking for a variety of prospective items, i.e. jewelry, greeting cards, journals, collage, altered art, etc. I will contact the winners by Sunday, January 24.

    If you are selected:
    1.  I will email you the digital collage sheets of your choice.
    2. Create your art piece!
    3. Make your tutorial. (Go to Totally Tutorials to see some really informative and fun tutorials.) Click here for how to Make a Tutorial! I know creativity takes time, but please finish your entry in around two weeks.
    4. Then post your tutorial (on your own blog or at Craftster, Instructables, or Cutoutandkeep). Include a link to my shop, so people can see where the collage sheets originated :). I will do a post on my blog so that my visitors can see the cool creation you have made, and also how to make a similar one via your tutorial. And send the link to Totally Tutorials so that Dotty, the lovely lady who originated this idea, can post it there! Okay, enough with the technical details, if you have questions feel free to convo me or post your question here!
    Enter here by posting as described above or send me a convo to magpiemine on Etsy. Please reply by January 22, 2010! Thanks for participating!


    1. woah!! maggie :)) what a cool cool idea!!! i am so excited to see the result of this brilliant tutorial exchange and all the creations that come out of your beautiful collage sheets!! this is genius!

    2. I love the look and feel of your blog. It's like stepping into a Victorian Garden.


    3. wow what a nice idea. I would make a nice chipboard cute book!
      you blog is very cute also!

    4. I don't collage, but my sincere compliments on your Etsy shop - you very, very lovely stuff.

    5. This exchange sounds exciting....a little intimidating for me....I would love to join in but as of now I can't think of anything to do.
      I love all of your collage sheets. I could look at them forever.
      And Yes we southerners are very
      we don't have to think much about water pipe's breaking. Although this last freeze, they did tell us to wrap them.

    6. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

      Charlie ~ don't be intimidated! You are so talented and creative this is probably easy-peasy for you!

      Everyone, the simplest creation might be something someone was wondering how to do and would love to see a tutorial on how to make it! So, jump in there and apply!!

    7. What a fantastic idea, Maggie! I love doing tutorials. How fun! I'd love to work with your magical sheets. I would post the tutorials on my blog and link back to your etsy shop for the collage sheets. I can see them used on tags, wall hangings, boxes, framed art, collagedcanvases, etc. Let me know. How exciting!

    8. Tammy, yaaay ~ I'm so glad you like the idea! Your ideas are superb!

      Maggie xoxo

    9. I blogged about this tonight. Hope that brings some more artists your way.
      Have a lovely evening.

    10. This is SO cool Maggie, what a fabulous idea! Of course I'm dying to see it Luthien partakes since she's the queen of tutorial sharing - don't know where I'd be without some of her tutorial musings. ;-)
      I'm sure everyone will have loads of fun!!♥

    11. Sweet idea OH soo exciting I would love to grab your tag onto my blog so will do it tonight!! I have been doing a tun more that photography.

    12. I'm going to convo you now, I love working digitally and have a lot of skills that people always ask me about! Thanks for the opportunity!

    13. Hey Maggie, I think I'd like to try and participate so I'll convo you - thanks!

    14. I would love to participate! I have always used my own images which is so very time consuming and am considering using some purchased images to save time. checkout my new shop at to see what I make. My blog is brand new so I would probably post the tutorial on crafsters or somewhere similar. For promotion I would post a link on facebook where I have 1100 "friends". see that at


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