Saturday, January 9, 2010

Giveaway at Dragonfly Design Studios
A Taste of Summer 

Many of you already know Stephanie of Dragonfly Design Studios, but for those of you who don't:   Treat yourself!  For a taste of those warm lazy days of summer (which we in the Northern Hemisphere are longing for so desperately), browse through her Etsy shop which is filled with the most exquisite summer flowers, and visit her blog to sign up for her giveaway. She is giving away one of her gorgeous paintings, winner to be drawn on January 25. My evil side hates to send other possible winners to sign up, since I registered to win it myself, but this is too good to keep quiet!  This is a beautiful Jackmanii clematis, one of my most favorite flowers.

The stunning purple Jackmanii is probably the one most of us imagine when we think of clematis. But clematis comes in a startling array of colors, even green. Here are a few beauties:

Montana "Marjorie"

"My Angel"




I wish I could say these beauties are from my garden, but as I told Stephanie, I sadly have no luck with clematis. I have no idea what I am doing wrong as most gardening books say they are easy to grow.  Every time I plant one, it refuses to flourish. Maybe I am killing them with kindness; I do tend to fuss around my plants a little too much! Some plants really prefer a little less attention and this may be one of those.

This spring, you can be sure I will be trying again. In the mean time I will just have to covet Stephanie's stunning painting!


  1. What a loving painting, will go check it out. And yes Clematis can be very fickle plants, I killed mine the first time we had one, but now we have one that grows through our climbing rose, left to do its own thing, just giving it a bit of a trim now and again and it florishes lovely!! Thank you for visiting me, and will pop by to visit you again soon.

  2. Elaine, it must be just a matter of doing exactly what the clematis wants, which might be 1) find the perfect spot, and 2) let it alone to do its own thing which is grow and look beautiful! Thanks for visiting! I'll be visiting your blog again!

  3. How pretty! I just love that you reminded me of summertime in just a few photos. It is sooo cold outside. I love clematis. I always have it by my mailbox.


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