Thursday, December 3, 2009

What?!? (Sorry I Missed This County Fair...)

While browsing through my vintage photos with the weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue in mind (the theme happens to be "Peaches and Cream"), I came across this poster for the Greene County Fair circa 1890.  Now Peaches and Cream is a lovely theme for a county fair, but this poor little milkmaid  looks like she has a serious sinus problem! Even the cow is concerned!

So, no, this isn't my submission for the challenge (unless I run out of time lol)! But I just wanted to share this curiosity. If anyone would like to use it for anything, feel free to download! Now I had better quit fooling around and get to work . . .


  1. OMG, this one has a MAJOR sinus infection! *giggle*

    I loved the pic of devil kitty!


  2. This is hilarious! Are you sure you'e not going to use it as part of your submission?

  3. That's so cool and what amazing timing with this week's challenge, wow!


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