Sunday, December 13, 2009

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge
The theme this week was "Imagine/Imagination", conjuring up some very intriguing possibilities. But it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, with nobody giving me a keyword, as it were. I have no idea what this is about, except that the cat is checking out the robin! And I am always attracted to fairies and other wee magical creatures.

The center image is from an 1896 painting by Frederick Howard Michael, called "Titania", of a fairy sleeping on her wings with some devilish little fairies sneaking up on her. The cat is, of course, my "devil kitty". The robin is from an 1858 painting by John Anster Fitzgerald titled "Robin Defending His Nest". The gnomes/elves are from vintage postcards.

I wanted to make this an actual collage rather than a digital collage, and I had planned on adding some embellishments. But alas, my printer is almost out of ink. I had plenty of time to run to Staples to replenish it, but as luck would have it the entire region is being hit with freezing rain this morning! Cars that have ventured out are piling up on top of each other! When you look outside, it just appears to be a rainy day. But the roads are covered with a sheet of ice, so I am staying put for now.

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  1. maggie :) it is what it is!! your imagination!! i really love this entry ... from the warm colors to the fantasy images of elves and faeries :)) this is just magical!! LOVE it!!

  2. Bravo!! I love the faeries! And the up-to-no-good kitty is adorable.

  3. And the fairies danced across the ice to share their secrets... Really cute Maggie!

  4. a little of this & that & what do you get? an imaginative work of art! love this maggie!

  5. Magical. That kitty is imagining a very tastey snack, I've seen that look in my cat's's never good news for the bird.
    Beautiful colors!

  6. Hi Maggie,
    I saw this yesterday, but got too bogged down to leave a comment.....anyway, I REALLY like this!!! The cat's expression is too much!

  7. I agree with Lisa, this does have a "magical" feeling to it! Wonderful piece - I especially love the cat gazing up at the bird!

  8. I'm a little late in my input but your submission for last week is gorgeous Maggie!

  9. I just love this and all of the layering bits. How fun! Very imaginative. Get it? :D just me being silly.

  10. Great entry for the imagination theme. It seems a little dream like, like it's all in someones imagination or dream.


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