Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Great Debate: Real or Artificial?
This is the first year we are seriously considering buying an artificial Christmas tree. Up til now, I have just adored having an actual real tree in my house during the month of December!  Here is our last year's real tree. Our ornaments are always a hodge-podge of things that we have collected over the years. Someday I would love to do a themed tree!

I love the piny scent of the branches, and I guess I just have an aversion to things that are "fake", whether that's a valid point or not. I'm sure I use hundreds of things every week that are "fake" and think nothing of it!

Now there is the "green" debate, which adds to the confusion.  I had to look it up, because I wasn't sure which was more environmentally friendly, real or artificial. I should have just asked one of our lovely new team members at Inspiration Avenue, Cyndi of Small Footprints. She's the "eco-friendly" guru, and would have been able to offer help! As it was I ended up at Julie's Health Club, where she has pros and cons of the Christmas tree options. I am still confused of course! Our original goal was to be more economical, since we would not be shelling out large amounts of cash each December. We would just bite the bullet and shell out a bigger amount once! Makes sense right?

Well, we are off to see what we can find!  Judging from what I've read, though, I think the greener choice might still be a real tree! Is your tree real or artificial? Which do you like? I'd love to hear comments on this great debate!

December 9: I want to thank you all  for the comments you left about the real vs. artificial trees! And just to let you know ~ we  bought a *faux*  tree that actually looks very nice. I have it semi-decorated, and once it is finished I'll post a picture. The good points are: 
1 ~ The lights are already on it,

2 ~ It is tall and rather narrow and actually fits the available space in the house better than the kind of chunky frasier firs we were getting,

3 ~ I started to go to the kitchen to get a pitcher of water and then realized, Hey I don't ever have to water the tree again, and

4 ~ It went up in no time and we didn't have the agonizing ritual of making sure it wasn't leaning one way or the other! All in all, a good decision!


  1. I have had an artificial tree for 25 years. I like it. It's not messy. It's cheaper. You don't have to water it. I bought a new one this year. I had the same one for all these years, so I know I saved a ton of money. Fresh real trees are expensive. I do not see how cutting down trees is environmentally better. I'm giving my old one to Goodwill, so it's being recycled.
    It's all preference. Let us know what you decide.

  2. i've never had a christmas tree since i was about 12... for some reason, my parents dun put up trees anymore after we grew up, and after i got married my home doesn't have one either. we usually celebrate christmas at a friend's place, my hubby and i. each year our fren chris would cook and we would eat :) and chat and play angel cards. now that my baby seems to know how to appreciate christmas trees, perhaps next year we would put up one :) of course it would be an artificial one :) i think we do have real ones here, but since they are imported, they are really really expensive. it's more economically viable to get a fake one, and of course like charlie i hope to keep it for the next 25 years :))

  3. Well, even taking into account the expense, prickles, and the faff of picking out pine needles from the carpet until June, I still prefer a real tree!

    I think if you bought one that could be planted afterwards that would be very eco-friendly?

  4. our tree is artificial mainly because real trees were forbidden in our apartment block because of the fire hazard. Now that we are in a house we are considering the idea of a real tree for next year.

    I think we might still stay with the artificial tree though, It's full looking and does the job.

  5. Ah well I do love a real tree - especially the scent of it as you walk into the room in the morning. It's been a few years now though since I went 'artificial'. It was all those pine needles finding their way round the house via cat fur that drove me nuts. I don't have a huge amount of space here either. One year I thought I would go for something different and, as we lived opposite some woodland, decided to go and find a fallen log or some branches and decorate that. It took me ages to find anything even vaguely suitable. Then, when I finally got it home, I discovered it was home to all manner of wildlife so it promptly went back in the woods!

  6. Hi sweet lady! We have a real tree. After this Christmas we do plan to buy a really nice tree at the after season sales. I want one that looks as real as possible and has a million lights. lol I love a real tree and the scents, but it is an investment each year and at a time when money is tight due to gift buying, etc. Sooo, Jack wishes to buy a faux tree. How do you like that? Sounds better than fake. lol
    Christmas trees get mulched up and then sold in our city.
    Good luck my dear. Let us knwo what you choose.

  7. Wow, here's the score:

    Faux tree 4 (Tammy, I love that description)

    Real tree: 2

    ~Charlie, you make such good points for getting a "faux" tree!

    ~Luthien, I'll bet your little girl would get excited about the tree and all that comes with Christmas. Christmas is so fun with small kids!

    ~Angie, good point about the live tree that could be planted later.

    ~Tami, more good points in favor of a faux tree!

    ~Lisa, Haha I love your alternative to a cut tree! Very creative, just like you!

    ~Tammy, For a few years we have said maybe we would shop after Christmas for a faux tree, but then never did! Typical! Our city picks up trees and mulches them too, we just put it out on the curb.


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