Monday, December 7, 2009

Wow, Look What I Just Made!
I just discovered It's so easy! This is one I put together not knowing what the heck I was doing. I'm going to try a better one. It's free to make a short, 30-second video, of course they would like you to pay to create a longer one. For now, I'm just going to play!



  1. you did an amazing job on the vid my fren!! i wish it was longer tho... like a minute? was it difficult to make?

  2. Wow, how fun is that! Are you planning to place one permanently on your blog? Great advertising!

  3. Luthien ~ this is so easy that all I did was supply the pictures. All the fancy effects are done by animoto. So, in a way, it's almost too simple ~ you have no input in how the images are shown. Someone a little "higher-tech" (like you!) might find it limiting!

    And it's only 30 seconds, kind of short. But fun, anyway!

  4. Stephanie ~ it IS great advertising! You can put it on facebook, link it to twitter, with just a click of a button. It would def. be more advantageous to make a longer one. The price is for unlimited use for a year, and I'm not sure I would use it that many times.

  5. What a cool find and I love the video you made!

  6. Nicely done, Maggie! I love it. Great music too. You are so talented! Have a lovely day,


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