Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twilight Garden

Diane asked the question this week at Inspiration Avenue,
“If you could be anywhere . . . where would you be?”

Pondering this, I couldn't come up with a single destination.
There are so many places I hope to go!

So I thought about what environments I enjoy.
The beach is tops on my list, but I didn't have time for an ocean picture,
since landscapes and seascapes are not something I paint regularly.

Then what came to mind is how lovely it is to be in a garden!
(Especially a wonderful garden that someone else takes care of. :)
When I'm in my own garden, I'm usually working and 
don't take the time to stop and soak up the beauty.

So this is a fantastical garden that could be anywhere ~
the South of France, Mexico, a tropical island, 
lovely England where they are passionate about gardens. . .
Anywhere that flowers grow. 
Add a comfy arm chair and I'm wishing to go there right now :)

I am linking this to Paint Party Friday as well as Inspiration Avenue.

I must have had thoughts of placing chairs in the garden
when I did these pages in a board book last year.
This chair is not so comfy though and I doubt I'd stay seated very long :)

I still have 2/3 of the book to complete . . .
this reminds me that I should get back to it!

Paint Party Friday has the most amazing artists
giving us a peek at what they've been up to lately.

Inspiration Avenue is having a party!
Check them both out!

I'm off to take a look!


  1. Oh Maggie your Twilight Garden is gorgeous! It's so rich and lush with all the color! i love the luxurious idea of a comfy chair in the garden :)
    Thank you oh so much for participating in this week's challenge! (Big Hugs!) :)

  2. Lovely garden! I can imagine being a tiny person in that tiny chair hidden under huge flowers! What a great place that would be!

  3. Sweet place to settle in! A nice comfy chair!

  4. I'd love to go plop myself down in that wonderful chair and look at your lovely garden!

  5. Delightful creations ~ colorful and wonderful composition ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  6. Fabulous use of collage and painting! Happy PPF!

  7. I wish I had that lovely chair to enjoy my lovely lanai right now. Well done for sure. Happy PPF

  8. Beautiful fantasy garden and love your other creations. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. Love your Twilight Garden painting! Looks like a delightful place to sit and reflect! Wonderful!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. I love that twilight garden. I would love to curl up in that chair under those lovely flowers. What a great place to spend an afternoon. Happy PPF

  11. I love the couch right in the middle of the garden! What great juxtaposition, and it really works.

  12. That is just so lovely... we are working like mad in the garden at the moment before Summer hits us and it gets too hot ... this makes me wish we had some lovely chairs so we could stop and take it in... great drawing and I am so glad you did the garden rather than the beach as I love this...xx

  13. What a gorgeous garden collection! I was here yesterday but had to wait til today to leave a comment. My garden has gotten out of hand this summer....can't wait for fall to whip it back into shape!
    P.S. Angie's book should be in your hands sometime today; enjoy!

  14. Pretty place to be, very unique piece too!! Well done!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. I love your chair! I wouldn't mind being in that garden either!! :)

  16. I love your post and paintings. I'm an avid Gardner myself and feel so at peace in nature. Thank you for this.

  17. Oh, that looks like a great place to sit down for a few hours!


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