Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You're invited to 
a very special party!
"Listen closely, and I'll tell you all about it!"

The fairies are having a tea party!

I suppose it won't be a secret any longer,
because Inspiration Avenue has found out and invited  

Fairies love to sip the dew that gathers on Lady's Mantle. It makes them just a bit tipsy!

We hope you will save the date, September 23!

It's a blog hop, so arrange your own fairy tea party on your blog.

If you are so inclined to offer a giveaway at your party,

I'm sure party-goers will be thrilled!

There will be giveaways and freebies at Inspiration Avenue!

Be sure to serve green tea!

A fairy's  favorite color is green

Put on your party finery...

"Farewell, my lord, I'm off to The Fairies' Tea Party!"

Can you see the preparations underway?
Of course not...the fairies are keeping it top secret!

Everyone will be there!

"Will there be truffles?"

Here is your official invitation:

Head over to Inspiration Avenue
to grab the button for your blog.

Sign up over there so they know you'll be attending.
They will add your blog link to the list.

Invite all the 
fairies you know
 as well as all 
your human friends!

Are fairies human? Or not?
Hmmm... must find out.

A button for your blog is waiting for you
over on the Avenue!

Be sure to stop back here 
AND at Inspiration Avenue on September 23
when the magical tea party will
be in full swing!!


  1. oh so beautiful - I am looking forward to seeing your fairies tea!! you can now link up at IA!!

  2. Oh Maggie, this is totally LOVELY! like Hettie, i am looking forward to seeing your tea party!! :) XO

  3. Hi Stopping by from Inspiration Avenue blog. Come by for some puddin n pie


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