Saturday, August 25, 2012

July and August Round Robin

Journal Pages 
for Lisa and Kat


 I missed posting the pages I did in July in Lisa W's journal.

I'm going to make this a double posting of both
Lisa's and Kat's journal pages.

Two reasons I like this are

1~ Both Lisa and Kat are writers as well as artists, and the pages
all have something to do with writing, reading, and books.

And 2~ It looks as if I have been very busy, completing 4 journal pages at once!

Actually I have been busy...I feel like that chicken running around without its head.

I love this quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
I can't believe I'm pointing this out, but
I misquoted him on the page. It should read:
“Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I'll tell you a story.”
I hope the meaning is the same and I have not destroyed the grammar.



I'm enjoying making paintings about reading and books...
I may do some more :)

There are some really great quotes about writing.
Maybe because most of them were said by writers,
and of course they have a way with words!

After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. ~Philip Pullman

A word is dead / when it is said / some say / I say it just begins / to live that day. ~ Emily Dickinson

Kat loves mandalas, trees, and books
so I've managed to get all three on these two pages!
A bit busy perhaps, but I'm liking it somehow :)

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Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Great pages! Love the one with the Ayn Rand quote and the one with the mandala!

  2. Emily Dickinson...that's the perfect quote to match the art!
    Wow, Maggie, I'm gonna have to put on my thinking cap to
    follow these pages. ♥♥♥

  3. These are fabulous pages, Maggie! Your artwork is colorful and imaginative. I love that both ladies are reading amongst nature. A wonderful place to be. The Pullman quote is so true. The tree roots growing into the mandala and the Emily Dickenson quote are also favorites.

    Both ladies are going to love these.


  4. I LOVE the ideas you came up with for these pages- how absolutely GORGEOUS! And I must admit to being a wee bit jealous of how your writing is every bit a beautiful as your art- that's something I struggle with every time ;)
    P.S. I'm almost done with Angie's pages and will have them on their way to you by the end of the week- I PROMISE!

  5. Maggie
    These are more than beautiful and amazing!
    Your art is just truly stunning.
    Perfect pages. I wish we could all have a Fairies Tea together and ooh and ahhh over all the books. I would love to see all of them completed in person.

    Thanks for sharing.
    And adding sunshine to my day!

  6. Your pages in both books are amazing Maggie, and like Stephanie I am in awe of your beautiful hand-writing skills! I especially love the little bird and the textural elements in Lisa's book, and the mandala and the way you've made the quote into a compositional feature in Kat's x


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