Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pink for IA and The August Break

This week . . .
the Inspiration Avenue challenge theme is 
So many people are passionate about pink, 
especially Cindy, the hostess of this week's challenge!

I've posted a photo partly because I've been busy working in
round robin journals lately and not a bit of it is pink.
And partly because I'm trying to keep up with a photo a day in August for
I'm doing so's August 2nd and I haven't missed a day lol!

(I had fun playing with some garden photos for the first post.
There's also a recipe for some yummy dill pickles :)

More delectable pink at
Inspiration Avenue Link


  1. I love lilies & this one is beautiful...may have to bead one up, LOL!

  2. Lillies are one of my favourite flowers. Very pretty.

    I should join in this week's theme considering such a lot of my creative work has varying shades of pink in it!

    Kat Xx

  3. I love love lillies so much. A gorgeous photo x

  4. This is lovely. Stargazer Lily-so fragrant and beautiful. I can almost smell the scent in your photo.


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