Saturday, March 31, 2012

On The Way!

My Round Robin journal will be 

on the way to Lisa today.

It's a good thing the deadline has arrived, 

or I would be tweaking this forever!

I finished the cover.

Added 2 more inside pages:
I wish I had made them more colorful like the other pages.

Put some darker definition around the hibiscus flower.

That's it! Off to the post office!

I've been doing some long-needed updating to my blog.
So frustrating ~ I finally succeeded in removing the Cutest Blog on the Block
background I had been using. But as you can see, the CBOTB logo will NOT
leave the upper left corner!! Grrr. I have a feeling it is buried in the html somewhere,
but I just can't find it, and I am scared of tweaking the html anyway.
Can't find any real help by googling the problem either...

I did get my own url from GoDaddy! I am now The Fanciful Magpie lol!
Don't know what good it does me, but will be handy if (when :) I have a website.
I must work on a new blog banner. When I get time. Don't know when that will be.

It's Saturday, and I just realized I have not done a Stormy Weather entry
for my own challenge at Inspiration Avenue. I'll try to find time to come up 
with something, but if not, it won't be the first time (I hope) that the host
hasn't had an entry! The entries are looking awesome...please visit
Inspiration Avenue by Sunday to see them!

And speaking of Inspiration Avenue! Stay tuned over there for
a Postcard Swap! We have not done one before, and I think it will be
fun and exciting. Will be in April or May...we will nail down the dates soon!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Maggie,
    That front cover is stunning, one of my favorite pieces you've done. Really beautiful, you inspire me to paint some flowers!

  2. Ooh I loooove your journal Maggie!! So colourful and pretty!

    Only problem with seeing everyone's journals is that I keep getting journal envy, and thinking things like "oh that ribbon tie is fab, I wish I'd done a ribbon tie..." ha ha!

  3. Yay!!! Wow, what a beautiful book. Maggie.
    I agree with Angie...I have a touch of journal envy too.
    I want to get my own url too, but I am afraid I won't know how to
    manage it, or direct it.
    I will be happy to see the mailman Monday♥♥♥

  4. I'm so excited about this project. Kat's journal arrived last week. AT the same time I am almost nervous to start though - I don't want to ruin it!

  5. I love how wonderful each of our journals is and I LOVE those flowers you did for the cover, also the 8 ladies dancing and the lace- I LOVE this! I just realized, that when I get yours; everyone's art will be in there- I KNOW it's gonna be amazing!
    SO excited about this!
    P.S. I also just did another page count on the book I sent you, and I *think* I DO have the right number of pages in there. When you get it, can you email me and let me know?

  6. Wow- what fabulous journals- a feast for the eyes!

  7. It is a beautiful journal and she will be so happy to receive it. (Hibiscus are great to paint, eh?)

    Nancy and PS: nice to meet you!

  8. Oh Maggie, WOW i LOVE your journal!!! i think it's the most beautiful journal i have ever seen! now i am envious! how i wish i were in the round robin. you are a wonderful artist Maggie! :)


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