Sunday, March 4, 2012

Inspiration Avenue - The Allegory of Spring

The Three Graces
Splendor, Mirth, and Good Cheer . . .
Beauty, Grace, and Charm . . .

Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosyne . . .
The daughters of Zeus and Eurynome.

I decided to take a small portion of Botticelli's
Allegory of Spring and paint the three graces, modern version.

(Do these lovelies have even one bit of grace among them, 
let alone three? I'm not at all sure.)

I took the Cupid aiming at the three graces from Botticelli's painting also.
I was hoping he would strike the apple, but I think he is going to miss.

The robin, flowers, green grass, and falling apple blossoms
all are some of my favorite parts of Spring!
The apples themselves are a bit out of season,
but they're included in other representations of the three graces.
These are modern girls, they probably picked them up at the Giant Eagle. lol.

I'll leave you with a tiny portion of a poem by Lucretius
(written in six books, eons ago, in Latin) called

De Rerum Natura or On the Nature of Things

Springtime and Venus come, and Venus' boy,

The winged harbinger steps on before,

And hard on Zephyr's footprints Mother Flora,

Sprinkling the ways before them, filleth all

With colors and odors excellent.

This thoughtful challenge was the brainstorm of Priti.Lisa ,
who always presents us with a challenge that requires our thinking caps!

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the gallery of Springtime Allegories!



  1. I know, I almost stumped myself, lol.
    I was hoping someone would do the 3 Graces, and your version is wonderful!
    I love the symbolism of the apples and how each girl looks different in a same-ish sort of way. You always take such care in your artwork, I always feel I learned something else about you with each piece.

  2. Wow This is great. Love your version of them. At first I thought it said slender instead of splendor. lol.

  3. This is light and young and fresh and very well for the spring topic

  4. Your version of the Three Graces communicates a modern, youthful interpretation and style.

  5. I love that you did the Modern 3 Graces and your artwork is always spot on! Beautiful job. I love the flowers, the apples, the robin and I like how you incorporated the print in the upper right of the picture. I always love your submissions!


  6. I love your modern graces. Could be attending the local high school in disguise. And apples are always in season-somewhere.

  7. These girls look like fashionable young ladies in a teen magazine, who also happen to be the Three Graces! "Coming of age" is also something tackled in children's literature, and I could see these beautiful characters in a slightly-older, late elementary/early middle school, themed illustrated children's book.

  8. This is beautiful & so perfect for the theme. I love how you've created multiple layers in such a magical seamless way. And that one of those layers is text. I also love the vibrant images and the sassy modern Graces. Your clever use of symbolism is impressive. Fantastic entry for this theme.
    Kat :-) Xx

  9. I realize I am nearly a week late getting here, but computer woes due to a tornado that hit close to home, kept me away.

    WOW. The three graces never looked so good. I suspect I am far less skilled in the art of art than you and Lisa, since I had to look up Botticelli's Allegory of Spring in order to understand the original challenge. But your modern version of this painting is not only lovely, but timely, as well. I agree that Cupid looks like he is not going to hit that apple (grin). Sorry again, that I was late getting here.


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