Thursday, March 15, 2012

Photos...Very Altered

Weekly Art Challenge at Inspiration Avenue
What a fun challenge we had this week ~ "Vintage Photos"
brought to us by Shel, our resident photographer!

I have scads of vintage photos that I draw on for ideas
when I create digital images to sell in one of my Etsy shops.
Truthfully, for the past year, I've been pulling away from 
creating digitally since I've rediscovered the fun of putting images
down on paper or canvas with brushes, paint, pencils and other things.
I try to paint every day, and I know I haven't begun 
to scratch the surface of possibilities!
When I saw Shel's challenge, I thought I would have some fun
with an image of a little girl on an Easter postcard.
I'm always drawn to the old pictures of children.
Here she is:
At first I put her in the center of an 11 x 14 page.
Of course I couldn't leave well enough alone. 
She looked rather forlorn there by herself!
So I got out my glue, paints, pens, stamps,
and went to work. I guess I subscribe to the theory,
More is More

My Little Easter Girl must subscribe to this theory also. 
Why is she holding up one finger?
Why, to let me know I can add one more thing if I want!

Or maybe she's saying “nuh-uh, please no more!”

Or perhaps she's saying “I need a moment.”

I think after the pussy willows, Easter eggs, crocuses,
and various decorative patterns, I am finished. No more.

But, if she could tell me what the one thing is, I would add it!



Ah, I just thought of what it is ~
She's wishing she looked a little more vintage-y:

Be sure to visit Inspiration Avenue to see the entries in the 
Vintage Photography challenge!
You have until noon EDT on Sunday, March 18 if you'd like to enter
a piece of your own "Vintage Photography"!

(I love typing "EDT" . . . in case you don't know,
it's now Eastern DAYLIGHT Time!! Yay!! lol.)


  1. so cute and have a very good eye....lovely!


  2. Maggie, she is totally charming & i loved the Spring Easter theme too. Beautifully done!!

    IA Love! :D

  3. Adorable and perfect for both the season and theme! So creative and well done. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Maggie, this is SO impressive. I'm not sure how you manage to make such beautiful art each week, but this is beyond gorgeous. Actually, your little gal is saying she is number one (at least in my book).

  5. I love what you created with the vintage photo. This makes me want to get my Marshall's Photo Oils out and hand color a photograph. The colors are great, though I love the sepia toned image as well.

  6. I am not really a fan of Sepia, but I love black and white and I am a color girl so the one with color is my favorite. Her baskets are full of beautiful eggs and it looks like she is saying.."One can never have enough colored Easter Eggs". You are so talented, I always enjoy your submissions!


  7. Lovely image! Maybe she is saying if she eats one more egg she'll explode! Very cute

  8. Thank you all! You've given me even more possibilities for what the little Easter girl is saying. It seems odd to think, that since this is an actual photograph, she is a real person who actually did have a reason for holding up one finger. But I'm sure she is long gone now...I hope she grew up to have a happy life!

    1. Lovely piece, full of interest and the joys of spring! I love that this is a real little girl, definitely adds something special to your piece. And it works in colour and in sepia!

  9. Wow I love this Maggie. She is beautiful.Fantastic!

  10. I just love this piece! Found your work on "Inspiration Avenue" and was intrigued. You do not disappoint ... love your work! I'm signing on to your feed! Ahhh, just noticed that you have an ETSY shop! That's where I'm going next!


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