Friday, August 12, 2011

Paint Party Friday

Friday once again!
When I worked 9 to 5 in my little cubicle, I looked forward to Fridays.
I'm no longer punching the clock (at least for now)
but there's a new reason to love Fridays.
Paint Party Friday of course!

My sunflower was going to be for Inspiration Avenue's
"Sun Kissed" theme, but now I have another idea for that.
It involves something I started a long time ago,
and I'm hoping to have time to finish it before Sunday.

The sunflower needs some more work.
I'm not really happy with it.
It's acrylic paint on bristol board...
I think I can add a bit more paint
without the paper breaking down.

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 to see some amazing art of every description!


  1. Oooooooooh ~ My favorite flower ~ Great Job! Glad you have time to paint now ~ enjoy!

    Happy PPF ~ namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

  2. very pretty! I like the veins in the leaf. Since you said you weren't happy with it, maybe add some more layers? perhaps yellow? I like it! Marcia

  3. i love sunflowers- signaling the beauty of August....i really like yours - the colors are vibrant - just like the flower!
    hope you are having a great summer!

  4. Your painting has brought some sunshine here today on this cold and grey day! Valerie

  5. I love sunflowers. There are some Martha Stewart sunflowers growing in my yard right now. I love your piece and the leaf with the veins is just awesome. Love it. Happy PPF!

  6. Your sunflower is beautiful! I can't see where you need to do anymore to it. Happy PPF! :-) Thanks for stopping by to visit me.

  7. I LOVE your sunflower- you really captured that over sized, HAPPY feel they have- just gorgeous! Truthfully, it looks finished to me; what else would you do to it?

  8. Sunflowers give such joy. Your work is enjoyable and so pretty! HAPPY PPF!

  9. Oh wow thats an awesome Sunflower and loving the wonderful leaves. Happy PPF, Annette x

  10. Your sunflower is gorgeous! I can relate to being anxious to finally get to paint on the weekends and getting out of the cubical.Luckily mine's a workbench instead of cubical and I get to solder and make electronic stuff so I still consider it like art, its all FUN! Deb

  11. This is wonderful, so bright and happy it makes you smile.

  12. Yay...Flower gorgeous! I love the energy and spirit of your beautiful sunflower...we are both in sunflower modethis week! Just beautiful..i also looove the blue backdrop ...stunning!

  13. Looks lovely! So bright and happy! I love sunflowers, so summery.

    Happy PPF!

  14. A wonderful the pops of color and textures! POP ART MINIS

  15. Your painting has such movement! That is the first thing I noticed. I love the bright colors and I agree with everyone else, it looks complete. I say sign it and voila! It's absolutely beautiful :)

  16. I love this painting. The colors are wonderful!!! Happy PPF!

  17. I love the visible brush marks and the bright, summery feeling of warmth and the promise of fun ahead :)

  18. Fun sunflowers! I leave for Italy in the morning and there should be plenty of sunflowers in the fields. Thanks for stopping by my place and commenting on Calvin. The client loved him; I even got a bonus!

  19. A gorgeous flower! Love the detail on the leaf - very nicely done. Beautiful!!

  20. There is something wonderful about Friday's and your painting shows your creativity soaring! Love it!



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