Saturday, August 6, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

The theme this week at Inspiration Avenue is

The Forest for the Trees

the inspiration of Judy,  from Judy Goddard, Artisan.

I love trees, and got to thinking about them.

I know it's easy to miss the big picture 
by concentrating too much on the details. 
The opposite is also true. Sometimes we miss 
something important by taking too broad a view. 

 Imagine . . . you're walking through the forest,
a chill wind blowing on a brisk November afternoon.
Leaves are underfoot, but none remain on the trees.
Easy to miss the entrance to a fairy domicile
tucked among the roots of an ancient oak tree. . .

Even though the lights are blazing and smoke 
from the cooking fire is pouring out of the chimney?
You might think the tiny lights and the moss-green door 
are some last bright autumn foliage.
And that pungent, smoky aroma . . . isn't that just
the smell of burning leaves in the November dusk?
Look a little closer. . .

If you knocked on the door to beg for some warmth
in the autumn chill, would you be invited in?


  1. I love your piece for the theme this week. Your tree art is beautiful and creating it on the page of words gives a very interesting effect. And your posting really speaks to me too. I go back and forth trying not to get stuck in the details but just like you said sometimes you might miss a whole interesting world if you don't pay attention. Great piece, I really like it.

  2. The story you wove into the art brought the magic tree to life. I really liked how the smoke rose out of the hole. It was the perfect addition to this fairy tale. Great IA challenge piece. I can see why you love trees and this week's theme.

  3. Amazing! This is so beautiful - and during our trip up the West Coast I started a little sketch of a tree and its roots. I was reflecting what I had just told my daughter, of a book I read as a child called "Die Wurzelkinder" (the root children), about little children who lived at the roots of the tree. I wanted to draw the living quarters of those Wurzelkinder - it was like a trip back to my childhood.

  4. I love your submission and that it takes you beyond the forest and inside the doors to a warm and inviting magical place where creative and kindred souls reside. I can just imagine having dragonfly tea and nectar tea cakes with glitter rainbow sprinkles. Sitting by the fire and learning to how mend injured butterfly and ladybug wings. There is so much more here than meets the eye.
    I truly enjoyed my visit to your forest.


  5. Lovely art!
    Well I know faeries like shiny things. Maybe a flash of a coin would convince them to let you in.
    This is why I leave pennies in my garden.

  6. I really like this piece...beautiful tree...

  7. Oh thank you for taking me on that magical journey. One should definitely always be on the look out for fairy abodes like this :-) Gorgeous tree & fairy residence - beautifully drawn and effective on the book text background that makes it even more fairytale like. Fab!

    What's funny is that I have this lamp that I've had for 30 years and the ceramic base has a tree house not unlike this. I shall have to take a photo & email it to you. I treasure this lamp that fueled my imagination as a child & still brings comfort as an adult.

    Kat Xx

  8. This being drawn on top of text makes it pop wonderfully! And I love faries/faeries/any spelling, so that is another reason to love your entry. The tree is beautifully rendered and it almost makes me think of it like it was a fairy diary, what with the drawing on top of text. Amazing job!

  9. This is a charming, lovely and whimsical painting Maggie! That little door seems to hint at such stories and possibilities...and I'll definitley be looking out closely next time I'm walking through the park!

  10. I love your imagination, so child-full and profound in it's deep simplicity. This tree is straight from a fable...I especially like the smoke from the 'chimney'.
    It was fun catching up on all I have missed here...
    Isn't there a children's book that needs written?

  11. This is wonderful, it looks like a fairy door.


  12. Spellbinding! I love your fairy tree painted on the book page with your dream weaving story. As I always say "Good art takes you somewhere."


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