Friday, August 19, 2011

This week we've come full circle at Inspiration Avenue,
from sun kissed to


The theme is courtesy of Lisa of The Write Stuff.
I enjoyed thinking cool thoughts even though 
I'm not quite longing for winter. Not yet.
Autumn, maybe. . .

I'm hoping to get this posted in time for
It IS still Friday here, although just barely.
Go there and check out all the wonderful art bloggers
that have left a link for this week.

I don't have a story for this painting.
I don't know why the poor little fairy
has found herself lost and alone in a snowstorm.
Freezing cold without her coat.
At least she hasn't forgotten her mittens 
like those naughty kittens.
If she speaks to you and tells you why she's
trudging through the snow, would you let me know?

You may be stuck in a heat wave like so much of 
the Northern Hemisphere. If you are,
 go see all of the ICY entries at Inspiration Avenue.
Guaranteed to be refreshing!


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  2. Ooooh I love her. I wish I was walking in the snow with her! I don't think she is lost at all. I think she is remembering summer and giving thanks for the snow!

    Very Beautiful!

  3. Very nice! Even with all of this heat I'm not ready for winter yet...but she looks ready!

  4. She is so beautiful.... She told me that she had just popped out for some ice cubes to put in the homemade lemonade. It's so hot everywhere that everything is melting and north pole ice cubes take longer to melt. She was only going to be a minute, that's why she didn't take a coat. Poor thing she got caught up in a snow storm.... I love love love this painting... have a good weekend... :)

  5. she's so gorgeous, sorry she's lost! You've captured the icy theme so well.

  6. Beautiful work ~ so well done ~ love it! thanks ~ namaste, Carol ~ Happy PPF

  7. This is an amazing piece. I can feel the cold air and snowflakes swirling around. I think she has fallen in love with a snow fairy and she wants to be with him but must determine if she can change and is not so sure... Oh how love makes us do things we are not sure of.. Beautiful painting.

  8. Oh, that poor little fairy... She looks sooo cold. I hope she finds her way back home to the warmth.
    Very beautiful.

  9. Fabulous! You captured "icy" so well! I'm sure not ready for that kind of storm yet.

    A beautiful painting.

  10. Now look Maggie, I don't mean to complain or anything... but seriously have you ever been to the UK? Rain, cold... we are still waiting for Summer to arrive round these parts. I can tell exactly why your fairy is lost - she is here... in England... expecting balmy summer days and being sadly disappointed!!

    Seriously though, she's a proper poppet - I love her. Great, great, great, piece :)

  11. Maggie this is very beautiful, delicate and gentle - it definitely feels like a scene from a fairy-tale.

    Maybe she's searching for something...the Fairy of Spring who's locked up in a castle perhaps...and Spring can't bloom until she's found and set free...

    OK I think maybe I'm regressing here so I'll stop now ha ha! Gorgeous submission x

  12. Oooh - I can definitely feel the chill! So, so beautifully done - I love absolutely everything about this painting :)


  13. this is truly wonderful, she's so cute and the icy wind is so real. I think she was sleep walking and just woke up here on a cloud in the cold, but she just needs to drift on down, down, down and she'll be back to warmer temps and happy skies in no time!

  14. I know I'm late getting here this week, but I've been offline most of the week with a house guest. You were right about the IA entries cooling me down. It has helped a bunch. When I first saw you darling fairy, I didn't think of her as lost, but contemplative. I bet she's happy to be in the snow about now, or maybe it's just me, since I'm sweltering in my part of the world.

  15. A very sweet piece and just perfect for the icy theme!

  16. Love all the movement in the background. It looks so blustery and cold!

  17. Love this painting. Wouldn't it be nice if we had Winter outside one door and Summer outside another, and we could have a taste of each whenever we wanted?

  18. Love the background, it really makers you feel the chill and your fairy is so sweet ;0) Dxx

  19. Oh she is fantasic, you caught the feeling perfectly!!!! Deb

  20. She is superb! I can taste the chill in your work. Love it! HAPPY PPF!

  21. just lovely - i can feel the icy air in this well done!

  22. Love this one! Can feel the cold bitter wind biting into the poor little fairy as she trudges through the snow...

  23. Wow, Maggie! I'm making my rounds in blogland to give my heartfelt thanks for your sweet comment ~ your support is always priceless!

    I have to tell you though, this painting stopped me in my tracks ~ it's AMAZING!! You know you should be illustrating children's books ~ RIGHT?? Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  24. This is beautiful!!! I can really feel her coldness by her expression! Well done!Happy PPF just a little late this week!

  25. What a beautiful piece Maggie!!


  26. She is beautiful Maggie, bless her little cotton socks!!! Freezing, lost in the snow!! Hope she has found her way home by now!! 80))

    No heatwave here in UK, some sun, lots of rain not much of a summer for us and we have cold weather to look forward to soon too!!


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