Sunday, August 14, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

Sun Kissed
Poor little mermaid is sun kissed,
but she's sad because she never gets a suntan.
All that sun and she is as white as can be.
Her old grandmother tells her, 
"Just think how young you will look 
when you are 150 like me."
This doesn't make her feel happier.

She wants to sit on the rocks above and soak up the sun's rays.
Her mother thinks she will become involved with the
nasty sailors who cruise by every day if she goes up to the rocks. 
"Stay away from there,"  her mother says. 
"Those sailors are nobody you want to meet!"

The little mermaid is just sooo bored.
She's thinking about sneaking up to sit in the
summer sunshine, anyway. What could be so bad about
those sailors? Her girlfriends say they are trés handsome and 
very tan from being on the ship's deck all day.
Besides, she's looking forward to creating an
awesome new hairstyle while sunning on the rocks.
She's had enough of all these bad hair days...

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This week's theme is brought to us by the talented
Stephanie of Dragonfly Design Studios.


  1. I love this - it is so whimsical and pretty!

  2. OMG.. your piece is beautiful and I love the story that goes with it! I have a 16 year old daughter right now and we have the same talk!! haha.. But really your painting is beautiful, I love the colors of the sea and her hair. Very nice.

  3. I love your mermaid and your story is great- such a FUN entry!

  4. Gotta love the story behind the lovely mermaid. I agree that the sun will help the bad hair days. Of course, she is a beauty all on her own. Love this piece!

  5. Ooh pretty little mermaid your mother is right to warn you about those sailors for sure - especially the ones in uniform (but who listens to their mother eh?).

  6. I love mermaids and yours is just stunning. So much fun!

  7. But I love her hair!!! That's not a bad hair day. Love the painting (beautiful!!) and the story - what an enchanting entry!

  8. She's adorable and I love the narrative you wrote for her!!!Deb

  9. I love her! And her story. And especially her hair! And that sunflower too! You've had a very creative week. Your art just looks so happy!!

  10. She is beautiful - love her and the colours used. And the story that goes with the picture is great. Fab entry for the sun kissed theme :-)

    Kat Xx

  11. This is wonderful - I love the way you've handled the rays and the water in this painting... Her hair is absolutely fabulous too!

    And I love your sunflower! (So much sunshine to be found on your blog - Hurray!!!)


  12. Wow, the sea creatures and the patterns in the water are wonderful, like the plants woven through her hair and the story, too!

  13. Your mermaid is fabulous and I love the creative story to go with her!
    So much creativity here!


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