Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Challenge at Inspiration Avenue

This week's theme for the challenge at 
Inspiration Avenue is "I've Got the Blues".

The words I associate with 'blue', are 
cool, moody, sadness, even depression.
I do love all colors, but can you tell 
blue is not my most favorite?

Blue could just as easily connote 
refreshment, calm, peace, water and sky.

Here is my entry for the challenge.
I'm not sure what is going through the lady's mind.
She could just be very sad, or perhaps 
contemplating some treachery!
Who knows!
The only thing we know for sure ~
she has drifted off somewhere else in her mind! 

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How does everyone interpret the blues?


  1. This lady definitely has a lot on her mind and it seems her pen is poised to speak her mind. Lovely work...

  2. I vote for treachery . . . and revenge is sweet. ;-)

    Maggie I love this piece, not only because blue is my favorite color, but because I love the layering affect. And the letter. Some of my favorite elements for collages and art journaling. Gorgeous!

  3. oh maggie ... this piece is so beautiful ... nostalgic, aching and romantic ... i'm in love ...

  4. Wonderful art Maggie.
    Fantastic digital work.

  5. This is a very pretty composition. I love how you offset the blues with some hopeful pink.

  6. Beautiful image Maggie, very serene and almost melancholy.

  7. I love the feel of melancholy you created with this, and the rose, for me, gives it a sense of hope.... You REALLY need to start selling your collages- I know *I* would buy one!

  8. Yes, I feel her melancholy...and her trepidation...and even her hope. I think she has a letter from her soilder, stationed across the sea. This is should call it 'Memorial Day'

  9. Ah, she looks as though she is conjuring up something, looking very mischievious, beautiful collage Maggie! I love blue, I just lost track of time and missed the deadline this week!! Maybe next week I will be more organised!!

  10. Thank you all!! Your comments mean so much!

  11. Blue is not my favorite color either. However when I was in the first grade it was my favorite. Funny how our taste changes as we grow up.
    Your entry is beautiful. I love the snowy tree in the background.
    I'm playing bloggie catch up... I'm so behind.
    Have a great week.

  12. I love what you created for last week's challenge Maggie and totally relate to your feelings about blue. Although it's never been one of my favorite colors there are so many shades of it that make me happy, like robin's egg blue, ahhh.

    I hope you're doing great!


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