Friday, May 21, 2010

Oliver's New Bed ~ NOT
I've been working on re-purposing
the dining room that no one dines in.
This will be a girl version of the man cave ~ 
a place where I can get away from sports, video games, TV,
and guy things in general whenever I get a chance.

So, how can you relax on the sofa with nowhere to put your feet?
I had some birthday money and bought this ottoman at Pier One.

Only trouble is, Oliver is convinced I bought him a new bed.
He is very very pleased with my purchase.
I haven't tried it out yet, but he says it's oh so soft and comfy. 


  1. Oh! I heart Oliver...he's a beaut.
    You should see my patio furniture...every stitch of it is covered in towels, as my 2 kitties lay on EVERYTHING and shed all over it. I haven't been to Pier 1 in years...i should check it out...cute ottoman...especially with such a nice looking


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  3. What a luxurious kitty-cat bed! :-)

    I love your color scheme there. Reds and yellows are exotic but also warm. Lovely!

  4. Gorgeous cat bed- I'm on a red kick myself......and surely he'll share, don't cats get tired of sports too?

  5. I love the idea of a "girl cave" - I want one too!

    Looks like you'll be sharing with Oliver, though, whether you like it or not!!

  6. Your cat has good taste. :)
    Enjoy the new girl cave. I love the idea.


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