Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beauty Disappears So Fast
We have 10 peony bushes beside the driveway.
I wish I could say I was the genius who planted them,
but they were here 10 years ago when we moved in.
Is 10 the magic number?
This is the first time I have remembered to photograph them
before the blooms were finished.
As it is, they are almost done for the season.
For the last couple years, they have developed powdery mildew
at the beginning of June. As gorgeous as they are now,
they are a terrible sight to behold when they
have turned gray and yucky.
You could almost weep looking at them.
So, even though I am strongly against spraying my plants
with any chemicals,I caved this year and have given them
2 treatmentsof some kind of fungicide. I'm crossing my fingers,
but I see signs of the creeping gray fuzz already.
I'm trying to stay optimistic! I've read that you should spray
before the mildew appears, but
I didn't want to kill the ants that pollinate the flowers
so I was a little late.
Only time will tell...


  1. They are stunning! It's nice to have something established when you move in..We had gardenia's when we moved in and the smell is breath taking. Have you tried spraying with soapy water? Look on line for something natural...

    Have a wonderful day Magpie


  2. I love the smell of gardenias! Heavenly! You're so lucky to be able to grow them where you live.

  3. Welcome to the guest list for the 2010 Where Bloggers Create party!
    I think we are going to have such a wonderful time soaking up all the inspiration!
    Take care, and I’ll be in touch!

    My Desert Cottage

  4. Beautiful Peonies! One of my favorite flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love peonies! These are gorgeous! I have the one in the second image. 2 plants. They are so pretty with the blush pink petals at the outside and creamy white ones on the inside and the colorful stamens. I just love them.

  6. Peonies...even if they weren't so beautiful, you could love them just for the fragrance. A perfect vintage flower.

    PS That Oliver is so regal looking.
    What a picture! I love the yellow sofa with the reds you have in the carpet and cat throne...really pretty.

  7. Just gorgeous! I thought of you when I put up today's post on my site. Check it out when you have a chance. :-)

  8. Oh My! What beautiful flowers. I cant' grow these in my neck of the woods either. :)
    I hope the fungicide works. They are too beautiful to let get all mildewy.
    Have fun!


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