Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Stopping!
I don't have a single photo for this post, and not because I left my camera at home when hubby and I set out for Washington D.C. yesterday. I brought it just in case, although I had a feeling I might have to be quick in order to use it.

Actually our destination wasn't Washington D.C., but the surrounding suburbs because this wasn't a sightseeing trip. DH had purchased a motorcycle on that other online selling venue, ebay, and we were off to pick it up. I thought I might snap some pictures of the beautiful spring Pennsylvania and Maryland countryside. And beautiful it was, but somehow I knew taking a photo from the window of a speeding pickup truck would be less than spectacular. So I hinted that some pictures sure would be nice, but of course we had a schedule to keep so on we went. No stopping!

We made our destination in record time. We had time to spare now, but after eating lunch and experiencing MAJOR snafus picking up the U-haul trailer, we were running behind schedule. So on to pick up the bike. No stopping!

When you print out directions from Mapquest, do you also print the return (backwards) directions? We didn't. But DH said, no matter, we have gps, we don't need the printed directions. In truth, being less than a fan of this whole motorcycle idea, I left all the planning to my hubby. I was just along for the ride. And he really didn't forget a single thing except those return directions.

For some unknown reason, gps routed us directly through Washington D.C. instead of getting us back to I-495. We never realized what was in store until we were right in front of the sign saying "Welcome to Washington D.C."! At which point it was too late to swing a u-turn in rush hour traffic with a 9-foot trailer attached to our rear bumper carrying DH's new pride and joy. Ugh. We bumped along through the part of D.C. that I'm sure we don't want to show to the world.

Then suddenly we were passing the Washington Monument, the Capitol building, Lincoln Memorial, and all the tourists having a great time on a lovely Monday afternoon. Sure would be nice to snap some pictures, I hinted, but without much conviction because, truth be told, my head was pounding, hubby was in an evil mood, and if we so much as slowed down, I know we would have gotten run over. No stopping here!

So a little over 12 hours after we left that morning, we arrived back home. I don't even have a picture of DH's new motorcycle. Too exhausted to get the camera out of the case...Hubby did mention last night after all was settled down that it might have been nice to have some pictures. Gr-r-r-r.


  1. Oh how funny...and course men never want to stop for directions.


  2. My son lived in the DC area for a while....and yes, the traffic and the pedestrians are pretty crazy most times. Glad you got back safely!

  3. UGH... directions is general make my head spin!!

    hey hey ... i hope it didn't take too much out of you ... it's your birthday afterall and you must celebrate!!

    happy birthday sweets!!

  4. Aw poor Maggie - that sounds a rather stressful journey!!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday hon! x

  5. No stopping!!! LOL!
    hope you managed to have a great day in spite of all the rushing...happy birthday again!

  6. lol...great story. You summed it up so well I could totally visualize it. Maybe next time.

  7. Sounds very familiar...hehe! Husbands are like this. I have to tell mine that I want to take pictures along the way {to where ever we might be going} or he will not stop. There is always an agenda. But get pictures of the motorcycle anyway.

  8. For some reason, certain GPS systems do not work well around those parts of DC that are close to Virginia, and particularly the Pentagon.

    And the otherwise very good system in my car seems not to know that I-66 exists within the beltway.

    But don't be too hard on your husband. If he managed the traffic circles with a trailer in tow, he must have been doing something right.


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