Friday, April 16, 2010

Magical Transformations
This week the challenge at Inspiration Avenue is
"Magical Transformations".
This has been such a beautiful Spring and I can't stop gazing 
at all the fabulous blooms everywhere. 
My apple tree is covered in blossoms. 
The bottom photo is the same tree 
during the snowstorm we had in February.

It's hard to believe in a little over 2 months there could be such
a transformation in one tree! Nature is amazing!
And it's all there for everyone to enjoy, if we only take the time!

Head over to Inspiration Avenue to see the entries 
for this week! I can't wait to see them all. 
If you have time to enter, (just post your entry 
by 12:00 noon on Sunday the 18th) 
and you will be in the drawing for April's giveaway, 
a beautiful bookmark created 



  1. my goodness!! that IS amazing transformation!! wow!! the blossoms on the apple tree are gorgeous! i didn't know they had such beautiful flowers!! when do these flowers turn into apples??

  2. I L O V E this!
    The colors and the balance. The blue sky makes the snowy branches seem lavender...the sun on the green leaves, and the big bit of red temptation in the middle.
    I really love this Maggie :)

  3. Thank you Ladies! You're both very kind!

    Luthien, it's late summer (August or even September) before the apples ripen up. This year the blossoms seem to be more numerous than ever. Unfortunately, the apples never look as delicious as the one here. The birds and squirrels usually get to them first, but I don't mind!

  4. Maggie - you forgot the final transformation when the wasps eat the rotting and fermenting fruit and get drunk!
    Isn't that tree just a picture - in all your shots. It's so lovely to stand underneath at this time of year and be soaked in blossom cofetti when the wind blows!

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  6. Maggie, I love it!

    I am trying to catch up on Blog visits this morning. I have the flu so I am stuck inside *sigh*


  7. Lisa W ~ I wish I had a photo of those wasps! Speaking of the fruit, that's one of my favorite memories of Autumn: taking a walk among the apple trees and that smell of overripe fruit wafting through the warm air. It's not unpleasant at all, kind of cozy!

    LuLu ~ I'm sorry you're sick with the flu! Take care of yourself!

  8. What a fabulous transformation and what a great idea! I adore cherry blossom :)

  9. Oh Magpie you are many things creative, along with being a Garden Whisperer.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  10. Oh I love this one, so perfect for the theme AND this time of year! Each picture is beautiful in it's own right, but when you put them all together; the story of the transformation really come through- gorgeous collage AND time of year!


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