Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog Party May 1-2!

Hey everyone! 
It's been a little while since I posted about the 
upcoming Blog Party at Inspiration Avenue. 
Just so no one forgets, and to give you time to come up 
with your most awesome tip, tutorial, or lesson, 
I'm posting about it again! 

This is a sharing party! 
We are hoping to assemble, with your help, 
the most fantabulous collection of tutorials 
the blogosphere has ever seen! 
A tutorial could be 
an art-related tip, 
a craft project, 
a recipe, 
something your mom taught you, 
just anything you know how to do that you'd like to share! 
I'm thinking very seriously about a  gardening-related project
since the great outdoors is taking up so much of my time lately.
But there's still a little time to decide... 

Read about the details here at Inspiration Avenue!

Oh, in my enthusiasm for the upcoming tutorials,
I almost forgot to mention the reason
we are throwing this gala celebration!

It's to recognize the wonderful people who contributed
to making last month's Auction for Angel Faces such a success,
(both the bidders and the eventual winners)
of the works that were up for auction.
(I want to give a special thanks here to The Lavender Daisy
the winner of my fairy paintings! :))
Thanks to everyone who bid!

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